Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Boys, 3 Girls, 2 Dogs, a Banana, and 1 Parakeet

This morning we were running super late as I dropped Charlie off at daycare.  We raced in--all of C's necessities for the day tossed in a plastic Target sack.  Charlie was barely clinging to my shoulder with one hand, and gripping a banana in the other (we hadn't had time for one bite of breakfast--am I a bad mother or what?)

As we banged through the door, we were greeted as usual by Nicole's yappy little dog named "Teddy".  Nicole scooped Teddy up quickly and tried to hush the little dog as the mellow, old, chocolate lab lumbered over to us for the ritualistic 'good morning sniff'.
"We have a bird," she whispered.   
"A bird?" I clarified.
"Yeah, the boys found a Parakeet in the driveway last night so we rescued it for now," she explained. "It was in a little kennel thing, but it escaped and now it's....." and she pointed to the chandelier above their dining room table.   

At that moment, Nicole's youngest son began to show me the fliers they had made describing the found bird and the phone number to get it back.  He was very proud of his fliers and began a long explanation of where they would be strategically placed and who was most likely to see them.  As he was in the midst of his dissertation, the 4 year old beauty queen that Nicole watches bounded over to me.

"Kay-wah! Kay-wah! We have a bwird!  We have a pay-wot! And Teddy can't bock 'cuz then he'll eat the pay-wot!  Oh, I hope Teddy doesn't eat our bwird," she said in one breath.

As she made her dramatic entrance, her little friend, a 3 year old princess looked up at her with big eyes.  "NO EATING PAY-WOT!" she shouted and pointed at Teddy.  As she was scolding Teddy, the Parakeet swooped from the chandelier to the window sill, nearly grazing the single hair on Charlie's head.  I gasped and Charlie giggled, pointing at the bird.

Meanwhile, Nicole's oldest son had come downstairs and was busy dousing his frozen waffles in syrup and feeding his little 14 month old sister some Cheerios.  Both seemed completely oblivious to the chaos. Poor Charlie, who's negligent mother had not fed him before leaving, was saying "Nana! Nana!" and waving the banana around my head. 

I gave Charlie a quick kiss, placed him in the high chair, gave Nicole a wink, and had I been a religious person, might have said a little prayer for her at that point.  I glanced at the pretty blue Parakeet perched back on the chandelier and ducked out the door.  As I jogged to my vehicle, it dawned on me: no wonder Charlie adores daycare--Mason and I definitely pale in comparison at the moment!  But who's to say that someday our house won't be just as exciting??  For now, I'll take advantage of our quiet little family of 3 (plus 1 furry friend).

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