Friday, April 15, 2011

A Note on Good Parenting

So after my last entry (about one minute ago), I felt the need to highlight a particularly good parent.  What makes this person a good parent?  Here are a few things that comes to mind:

*  Immediately asks about their child/ is concerned about his day
*  Thinks about his child's future--socially, academically, culturally
*  Strives to provide well for the family
*  Sets a good example of a positive, contributing member of society
*  Handles disagreements well--not physically or argumentatively
*  Takes an active roll in all parts of parenting (morning, middle of the night, bedtime, supper, bathtime, book time, game time, play time, stroller time, cuddle time, etc. etc.)
*  Sets clear expectations of appropriate behaviors
*  Models good social skills
*  Is not judgemental toward others, nor close-minded about diversity
*  Is 100% comfortable with showing the world that family is first.  Above everything

And, here is where I can brag about being married to the above parent. 

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