Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Lies Beneath

Last weekend, we Iowans were given a gift from Mother Nature--- a gorgeous 75 degree day, bright and sunny, with none of the dreaded midwest wind gusts that come with spring.  Although I love all the seasons (really, I do enjoy winter--I just think it overstays it's welcome) I have to admit that spring has become my favorite.

A year ago, I watched Spring come and go from my living room window.  Sure, Charlie and I ventured out to attend Breast Feeding Support group, run the occasional errand at Dollar General, and go for a daily walk, but I didn't really get to FEEL spring.  I never had a chance to clear away the spring debris, so I watched my flowers poke up from the ground, bloom in the spring, become ridden with weeds in the summer, and wilt in the fall--all surrounded by massive mess.  But this year, things are going to be different!

On Saturday I spent some time outdoors in our front yard.  I raked, and pulled, and clipped my way through the debris that covered our flower beds.

Below: Before... 
And After!!
 And the front yard Before:

And After!

As I saw glimpses of a fresh start, I began to compare gardening to my parenting journey.  Last summer, like my flowers, Mason & I were bright and colorful on the outside, but if you looked closer, you would notice that we had debris around our roots. In many ways, we had 'bloomed' but were surrounded by the weeds of anxiety, confusion, sleep deprivation, frustration, and helplessness.  Now, a year later, we are still rooted in our lives, but our outlook is so much clearer, brighter, and happier.  Not speaking for Mason, I have a better idea of what it takes to get through a day with a baby, how important it is to let things go, and what activities do and don't work well within our family.  Like my flower garden, I'm hoping that the summer of 2011 is a year of clearing out the old "stuff", blooming, and shining through.  I know it will take continued attention and maintenance, but there's nothing better than seeing a beautiful garden-- or a happy and thriving family.

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  1. Karah- Just found your blog through FB and love it. Your honesty and outlook are so great, and I can hear your voice as I read. I plan to continue following on a regular basis. :)