Monday, May 9, 2011

Do Pictures Really Tell the Story?

When I was a Psychology student at UNI, I read that the majority of time spent parenting evokes "bad" feelings. (Like annoyance, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, angry, irritated, etc.)  However, our brains are hard-wired to procreate, so we magically tend to remember the "good" feeling times.  Thus, we want to reproduce and populate the world.  As I look around at the people I know with children, I'm coming to the conclusion that this has got to be true.

However, I'm getting worried that Mason and I are the opposite.  Our conversations about "baby charlie" aren't all that positive or endearing.  We remember them with a sense of, "I'm so glad that phase is over!"  And then I feel guilty!  Everyone LOVES babies, right?  Everyone misses the baby phase and complains about their school-age children being rude and greedy and mouthy.  So I keep trying not to wish the baby time away but it's so hard!  I just can't wait for my little guy to be a big boy.  I (usually) LOVE kids.... I'm just not a huge baby fan.  (Someday, I know I will probably regret saying this and I'll miss my little baby time)

Mason and I are so torn with the idea of having another baby.  If we decide to, we probably will wait a few more years.  But at that point, won't we be so comfortable with Charlie that we'll be terrified to add a baby to the mix again?  I look at photos of friends, and their families just look so easy.  I'm sure their babies never cry. I'm sure my friends never long for the lost days of pre-children.   I'm sure they get frustrated with their children but they definitely aren't wishing away their years at home.  I'm sure nobody else has such guilty thoughts like me.

So I decided to browse through my iphoto library--and to my amazement, my photos reflect that same thing!  Our pictures look so easy-going and fun--like being a family of three is the most simple, natural, beautiful thing ever.  I think I need to bathe in these photos more often...

Photos we kept to ourselves (AKA: Reality)

Photos we shared with others: (AKA: Another Reality)

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