Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Inspiration

Okay, I realize my last blog title may be a bit strong so I should mention that I drew my inspiration from this book: 
Now, I know some might be offended by it, (I doubt many of those people would even be reading this blog post) but come on people! This is the best bedtime book I've ever read!  Isn't it what we all are thinking?  Okay, so I have to admit that my little C goes to bed very well--although I must also give myself and my hubby some credit here--we definitely trained him and are 100% confident that was the right decision for us.  But I feel this book can be applied to other areas as well--such as "Quit f'ing whining" or "Settle the f down" or so on.  Don't we all have some battle this would apply to?  If you are out there shaking your head "no" then I know you're lying.  And frankly I'm just jealous of your ability to do so.  

If you'd like to read the pdf copy of this book, google "go  the f to sleep pdf"  WELL worth the download--hilarious!  

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