Monday, May 23, 2011

Quit F ' ing Whining.

The title says it all.  In two parts:

Directed to my little C:
PLEASE learn to speak!  Please please please start to say words!  Mommy talks with you constantly! She is constantly pointing to things and labeling them.  We talk about everything we pass on our walks, we talk during snack, we read books.  You mimic words half of the time so how hard can it be to say, "boat" or "food" or "grass" or "car'?!  Instead, it's constantly "EH! EH! EH! EEEH!"  This whiny word is going to be the death of me. I cannot handle another 2 hours like tonight where this "word" was all you said.  (In between rotating bouts of crying and giggling and whining and smiling)

Directed to myself:
C is 15 months old (well, in like 5 days).  This is typical, normal behavior for a toddler.  They don't have the language but have the feelings.  Bla bla bla.  It's freaking annoying.  In the profound words of my father, "Well, that's part of parenting"  (hahaha, he's hilarious and was always cool as a cucumber when it came to parenting.  Totally taking the bad with the good, letting all of our annoying tendencies just roll off his back.....) And you know what Dad? You are totally right.  It IS part of parenting.  And truthfully, it just sucks.

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