Friday, June 10, 2011

Stuck With 2 Hours of Free Time....

So I'm having the weirdest feeling right now.  I want to say I'm bored, but that's just not accurate.  Bored implies that I have nothing to do, and cannot possibly think of anything to entertain myself.  And, for God's sake, that is certainly not true!  I think my current weird feeling stems on the fact that I really can think of too many things to do, that I'm left feeling overwhelmed.  The other issue is that I really only have a solid two hours to do whatever I choose to do (of course, this hinges on the assumption that dear C is going to take an awesome nap)  So, in typical Karah style, I have chosen to avoid all of them.  And honestly, a lot of them sound pretty good--I just can't decide what to do.  Here are my options and the corresponding thought:

* Clean off/ organize my computer jpgs (AUGH! WAY too time consuming.  I'll skip that.)
* Upload photos to Shutterfly and order some more pics of C's 12 month shots.  (Takes too long. I'll do it tonight)
* Write a parent letter for the 4 classes I'm teaching next week. (I'm not even sure what it needs to say yet...  And, our printer isn't working wirelessly so that means I'd have to hook it up to my computer and omg, that is way too much effort.  I'll do it later.)
* Stalk facebook. (Already done that today and nothing good is up there)
* Scrapbook our 2009 vacation to DC (I actually kind of started this but then wasn't feeling it)
* Change out our photo coasters from Christmas 2006 to something more recent  (then I have to find photos, cut them, find something to do with the old ones....)
* Watch the last 4 episodes of Y&R (that show is so annoying and I hate the Cane storyline.  I can only watch that if I drink something and it's too early for that.  Or is it.....)
* Clean the kitchen (no.)
* Clean the bathrooms (no way.)
* Read my book (it's almost finished and I'll get tired and fall asleep and then C will wake up)
* Pull weeds (too wet outside)
* Eat lunch (I'm not in the mood for a sandwich)
* Watch the rest of Burlesque--started it a week ago and someone woke up and I never finished it (don't want to get interrupted again)
* Call someone (who?)
* Blog  (okay.)

So, that is how I wound up here.  Blogging about basically nothing to blog about.  Kinda like a show about nothing. :)

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