Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day of Dipes... (my on-again, off-again relationship with cloth diapers)

Before C was born, I promised myself that we would at least try to use cloth diapers.  I had tons of reasons for doing so-- but at the top of the list was my crunchy inability to cope with throwing so much plastic into our landfills.  I also hated the idea of poopy diapers lingering around in our house (I don't know of any "diaper geenie" that actually wisks the dirty diapers out of your house) and thought maybe we could save some $$ by using cloth as well.

Now 18 months later, we've used both disposables and cloth and there are definite pros and cons to both.  Surprisingly, flushing the poop from the cloth is really not an issue at all.  (And for any exclusively nursing mamas out there, it's EASIER than disposables as you don't even flush them--just drop the poopy ones right in the washer.  Crazy easy.)

We use cloth about 50% of the time.  C uses sposies at daycare, and I try to keep him in cloth at home.  (Sometimes I still like him to nap in sposies as he tends to wake up when he wets his cloth dipe)  Depending on the type of cloth, I take them on short outings (like heading into CF for the morning or for dinner) but have learned that disposables are much easier to use when traveling  (simply take up less space if nothing else).  However, since my mom doesn't mind using cloth, we usually bring cloth to Spencer.

I've used a TON of different brands--and they have tended to serve us well for different stages.  C's chunky body makes finding a good fit difficult but we've finally found some that we like.  He is also a VERY heavy wetter, so finding something that is absorbent enough has been a challenge too.  Right now, we have a stock of GroVia AI2's (all in two's), and a bunch of gdiapers (with AWESOME cloth inserts) that we love.  And there is nothing cuter than those trim little gdiapers.

(you can be the judge of the cuteness--would have liked to take the pic on the table each time, but this guy is just too wiggly now to hang out that long in one place!)

Tots Bots Easy Fit
GroVia AI2 (Seaside Stripes)

Size Med gDiaper  (oh my gosh, these are sooo cute!!)

And if you're on the fence or think some of us CD moms are totally nuts, here are some of my personal pros and cons to the whole CD issue:

Among the things I love about cloth:
* They are stinking CUTE-- oh my gosh, C runs around in a diaper without pants just because I love his fluffy cloth butt.  Nothing cuter.  Period.

* They always are on hand.  We never run out!

* There is never poop sitting around in a garbage (or "diaper geenie") in our house.

* You can never "waste" one-- (if he soils it right away it's no big deal--just toss it in the wash!)

* They really are easy now--most go on just like a disposable and with a diaper sprayer, taking care of poop is a cinch.

* Cloth wipes--LOVE them.  They are soft, grippy, and don't ever make things messier.  Love them.

Things I don't love about cloth.
* The red marks.  They never seem to bother C, but having elastic around your thighs & waist tends to leave marks, even if it's not tight.  Especially if you have....a'hem.... a chunky body.

* The smell.  We've come up with a routine to toss the used dipes (in a cloth diaper bag) to the laundry room until they can get laundered.  They don't smell until you put them in the wash-- and it's not the poop smell that's strong--it's the other.  But hey, it lasts about 5 seconds as they are tossed in the wash so not really a big deal.

* The addiction to buying them.  I'm always looking for more soft, cute, diapers and trying new ones.  Thus, using cloth has probably not saved us a penny--but I'll argue that they have saved a few plastics from going into the ground.

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  1. I have a pretty good start at a CD stash for Goblin. I got to practice using it when I babysat my nephew Simon this weekend. I'm planning to use infant sized prefolds w/ a snappi and a cover for the newborn phase. It seemed easy and cheap for the start.

    I tested out my stash with baby Simon and it worked great. He slept for a 3 1/2 hour nap and the dipe was soaked, but we had no leaks. YAY! I was almost disappointed that he didn't poo on the day I watched him - I'd have liked to practice w/ that too, but oh well.

    I'm definitely going to have sposies on hand for certain situations, similar to what you mentioned, and plan to use AIOs and pockets for daycare. (I'm so excited that my dcp said no problem to CDs) I've got some BGs, and found some adorable homemade ones on Etsy, which of course means that I will very likely not save a penny with this CD endeavor. But hey - good for the environment, right?