Monday, September 5, 2011

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

It's a simple question--but now, in the Starbucks age, there are literally hundreds of answers to this question.  (My personal favorite Starbucks order is: Grande iced, white chocolate mocha, skim, zebra style, with no whip)  But at home I just drink coffee.  With a lot of milk.  Actually, some might argue that I drink milk with a splash of coffee--which is probably more accurate. 

His & Hers morning coffee.
 Anyway, as Mason made the coffee this morning, I asked myself, "What does coffee mean to people?"  There are so many things about it that I love--aside from the taste and the little jolt that keeps my caffeine headaches at bay.  Words that instantly come to mind:


I grew up in a house where coffee was made every morning.  It signaled the beginning of a new day.  The sound of the percolating, the smell of the brewing, the sight of the hot caraf filling with steamy black liquid--all meant one thing--it's time to start the day!  There is something promising about a morning-- so many things on a to-do list, so much productivity that is yet to be accomplished.  And it's weird because when a coffee pot is on, it's just part of this equation.  Yet, coffee is also a relaxing thing too. As a kid, I witnessed the grownups in my life drinking coffee after supper--especially when birthday cake & ice cream were involved.  It was a part of sleepy Sunday mornings, and leisure snow days--where we would all stay in our jammies until we absolutely had to get dressed.  My parents even drank coffee out of little blue mugs when we went camping--although I have no memory of what they used to brew it. 

Both sets of my grandparents (minus my Grandpa Bernie--who much preferred juice or ice water) were also coffee drinkers.  Mornings at my Keninger grandparents were spent with coffee and donuts.  And I'm pretty sure that every meal ended with a cup of coffee as well.  Mornings at my Bomgaars grandparents were spent with coffee and crossword puzzles.  I also remember them drinking evening coffee while visiting with the grownups (and probably listening to an Iowa game on the radio).  

So it makes sense that now, when Mason & I drink coffee in the mornings, I feel so....grownup and at home.  And when C points to my mug and says, "Acky? Hot!" I realize that his life will also be influenced by the sights and smells of this hot black beverage. 

C's first taste of Starbucks....Strawberry/Cream Frappuccino ---He was very impressed! 


  1. Ah... love this post, and I LOVE coffee. Man, do I miss it.

    Guess what Dusty's bringing me just as soon as this baby's made his/her entrance into the world? A GIANT fully caffeinated coffee. (Black, if you please.) The decaff I've been drinking just doesn't cut it.

    Sigh... seven more weeks. I can last that long, right?

  2. Nice Charlie! That is George's and Emmett's favorite drink too. Just had 2 of them today:)