Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a Fair Day!

Last weekend I took my family to Spencer to:
a. see the grandparents and great-grandma
b. visit the Clay County Fair

Now apparently, the Clay County Fair is the "Greatest County Fair on Earty"--or it used to be.  I think it was the largest county fair for a few days, but I'm sure that's not the case now.  It is a big fair, but I grew up with the CCF practically in our backyard so I never considered it much of a treat to witness.  If I remember correctly, the fair became especially appealing around 5th or 6th grade when my parents allowed me to hang out with some friends at the fair for a few hours... un-chaperoned!  (Then the fair seemed really cool)  In high school, I don't really remember hanging out at the fair--except for maybe doing a few midway rides here & there.  (I'm thinking there may have been some really romantic carnival induced memories that slipped through the cracks in my memory vault--thank god)

Because the CCF takes place in September (as opposed to the grueling summer months of most county fairs), I don't think I took part in it after my senior year.  Honestly, I had no desire to really hang out there again.  (Although, fair food sure is enticing!) But isn't it funny how you view gross things like county fairs with different lenses when you are constantly looking for toddler entertainment?  Suddenly, this smelly, greasy, boring, fat-people haven becomes an educational, fun, exciting, opportunity!

As we strolled through the fairgrounds, C was all eyes and pointing out everything to us.  He especially loved wandering through the barns, petting the baby animals, drinking his first lemonade, looking at the trains, and climbing on the big tractors.  The weather was gorgeous--although a tad on the hot side as the mercury rose to the high 80's.  After three exciting hours, we were all ready to take a nap, but had to gobble up a few Tom Thumb Donuts & Kiwanas Ice Cream before leaving the grounds. 

Teaching Grandpa about the Ag Careers at the Extension Building

Posing for a quick pic with Grandma

Looking a t a baby goat-- I think they were 4 weeks old

And a 2 week old piglet.  Sooooo cute! 

"Toooo-Tooos!"  ---scrambling to get a little taller to look in the window.

Perhaps the favorite part of the fair--a balloon!

Charlie thought we should buy this camper.  It was quite comfy!

Sneaking a little lemonade behind the stroller.

You gotta love a shoulder ride!

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