Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up

You may have noticed that I posted a few blogs all at once.  My confession is that I have lots of blog ideas but seldom act upon them.  Sometimes I even go so far as to type them out and then they sit buried in my computer until I'm motivated enough to post them.  I try to avoid posting all of the negative ones--thus making it appear that I'm a happy-go-lucky and positive person.  Fortunately, most of you know me and have probably heard me vent about these things that are not posted--so are probably not fooled.  Anyway, my goal is to try to post a blog more frequently-- maybe not every week, but at least once monthly.  And I'd really like to write about something other than my kid, but he just consumes my thoughts and energy.  Someday, I promise I'll post something not related to parenting!  But you just might need to give me a few years. 

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