Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Vent about the USPS

If you know me, you probably are aware that I am NOT a fan of the United States Postal Service.  I think I may have been at one time, but in the past few years, I really have not found any reason to love this so-called “service”. 

Now, I love receiving snail mail as much as any other person, but I also pretty much rely on e-mail for the majority of my correspondence.  I understand that the post office is in financial dire straights but quite frankly, I’m not really surprised. 

Here are a few of my thoughts: 
  1. I am no logistical analysyist, but to me, it does not make financial sense to ship packages halfway around the country “in route” to the destination.  I would like to note the following package tracking that I recently received.
    • Shipped from Oklahoma City, OK
    • First scan in TX
    • Second scan in AL
    • Third scan in LA
    • Fourth scan in (honestly) CO
    • Fifth scan in IA (yay!)
    • Oh wait….. Sixth scan in  (again, honestly) ME
    • Seventh scan in IL
    • Eighth scan in IA

So I probably could have driven down to OK to pick up this package faster than it arrived.  It was sent on the 8th of September and received on the 3rd of October.  Hmmm.  I’m shocked that people choose UPS or FedEx. 

  1. Now I am not a marketing major and don’t really get that sort of thing but usually, when a company has a monopoly on an entire industry….say, stamps for example, they usually come out on top.  You might argue, “Nobody uses stamps anymore—except for junk mail”.  You’re telling me that stamps are the only way that the PO was ever in the black?  If so, that’s a pretty risky strategy. My point is that here we have a company that offers similar services as UPS and FedEx AND they are the only ones that have stamps!  And they are broke? 

  1. Perhaps some of the reason that people would rather not deal with USPS is because of their stupid rules.  If you mail something in a Priority envelope (even recycled) it MUST be sent priority.  If you bring in a package and ask to borrow some tape, you BUY your own conveniently located on the “supplies for sale” wall.  If you pay with your credit card, it MUST be signed.  It cannot say “please see ID”.  Even if the person working is your neighbor and has your house key—hypothetically speaking here. 

For those of you whom work for the USPS or have loved ones that do, I am not suggesting that I don’t appreciate and like the workers!  In fact, they are the only good thing I can think of about this place.  I just wish the USPS would hire someone with a bit of marketing sense and make this totally potentially profitable organization a little better.  In the meantime, I’ll keep "supporting" and using our GC PO--- just complaining under my breath at the same time.  

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