Monday, October 10, 2011

Professional Party Goers!

Our past two weekends have been incredibly busy--especially for the Spahns, who usually prefer staying home in comfy clothes and watching reality TV.  But now that C is a little older and more portable, we've been venturing out, skipping a nap here and there, occasionally eating dinner 2 hours later than normal, and...... the world has kept spinning!!  (Last year at this time we really did believe we would not survive if we deviated 2 minutes from our schedule--and I'm still not convinced that we would have)

But here's a little glimpse at our busy October weekends:

Friday, September 30   
Cedar Falls Oktoberfest --chilly night but fun to get out and about!

Saturday, October 1     
Iowa State Tailgate with Keninger Family--so so much fun!  Even though they will never get me to wear ISU gear, it's still great to see everyone. Next year we will have to come early because the time went way too fast (didn't help that the only thing I did was chase C around). 
Grandpa & his grandkids--I love this pic!

Sunday, October 2       
Nora's Baptism in Waukee-- Such a sweet baby!
Congrats Nora!  
C thought the water was pretty cool.  I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to let toddlers swim in the Holy water but I don't really remember all the Catholic rules. 

After getting kicked out of the Holy water, being chased by Daddy was another fun option.

Family Photo taken outside of Brett & Marlene's House
All American Family of 8

Wednesday, October 5        
Family walk out on the Nature Trail-- gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous night to be out and about.  In a previous life, Mase, Maddy & I would have walked the mile stretch before turning around and coming back.  Now, with C leading the way and exploring everything in site, we only made it about 100 meters before running out of daylight and having to turn around.
Three of my favorite heartbeats....

Thursday, October 6
Leaf Raking!  C had his first "lesson" in raking leaves.  He is Mr. Serious when it comes to this task. I thought he'd be smiling like crazy but he was very determined with his job.  It was pretty dang cute.

Friday, October 7
Field Trip with Nicole's Daycare kiddos to the Barn Stahl Petting zoo.  Two hours was NOT enough time for all the things we needed to do.  Highlights included: huge swingset/ tree house (omg, makes me so nervous that C can climb a ladder!!), playing in the box filled with corn, feeding goats, playing basketball in the hayloft, and jumping in an inflatable castle.
C likes looking at the animals.....from a distance.  He is not thrilled with them possibly touching him.  I've got to get this kid on a farm more often.   

Saturday, October 8
UNI HOMECOMING!  Yay!  Now, I am biased but purple & gold is WAY cooler than red & gold!  (that jab is for all of my ISU family members) The weather was super warm and C couldn't get enough walking, football, and Doritos. 
Football, sippy cup, Doritos, crackers, cheese....what could be better? 

Playing in the leaves.  There couldn't have been a better day for playing in the leaves.  It was warm with a cool breeze--perfect for tossing leaves in the air. 

Sunday, October 9
C's new playset!  We've been talking about looking for a playset in the spring and we happened to talk with a neighbor about buying theirs.  Mase drove the forklift over & brought it back in 2 or 3 loads.  (This is a benefit of living in a small town where you can just drive a forklift with a swingset on it down the road, and a benefit of being married to the manager of the lumberyard) They loved the idea of us taking it away for them and we got a "new to us" playset.  C was thrilled-- I can't wait to have something entertaining for him in the yard.

C tests out the swing while Daddy tries to make it level. 

What a busy weekend!  Maybe things will slow down in the future....somehow I doubt it though. 

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  1. Hmmm. Not going to comment about your 'red and gold dig' :)

    But I wanted to say that your family picture with the 8 of you is gorgeous!!

    Looks like you've had a great fall season so far!