Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heap-a-Week Challenge

So this friend of mine has organized a "Heap-a-Week" Challenge via facebook.  The goal is to organize your life one "heap" at a time.  And, by pacing ourselves throughout the year, the idea is to sort through and organize 52 heaps of junk in your house. 

Since I'm a sucker for organizational tasks (I was always the kid in elementary who loved when we got to stay inside for recess to clean out our desks) I had to jump on this opportunity.  However, truth be told, I don't really have TONS of "heaps" to organize.  I LOVE to throw things away!!!  Unfortunately, this has gotten in the way a few times when I've inadvertently tossed things I didn't mean to.  (The worst was the day I took my dry cleaning to Goodwill--- sad sad day-- and some lucky gal hopefully found several pairs of $90 Express pants on the $3.00 rack---I think I did lose sleep over that one but lesson learned!)

Anyway, I decided to participate in the task.  I haven't finished making my list, but here is my start.  I won't clutter up my (oh-so interesting and entertaining) blog with descriptions of every heap, but here are a few:

* mail storage
* "games" shelf in basement
* scrapbook shelf in basement
* small file cabinet (I have NO idea what is even in those two drawers!)
* "technology" drawer-- every possible cord, camera, charger, random manuals, etc.
* large storage shelf in laundry room
* laundry room cupboards
* jewelry "baskets"
* bathroom drawers/ medicine cabinet
* kitchen medicine cupboard
* kitchen placemats/ reusable bags/ misc drawer
* cookbooks
* knitting yarn
* guest room closet
* old letters

I decided to begin today with the jewelry one.  I usually wear earrings and a necklace, and end up taking them off in random places-- thus, there are earrings in lots of drawers, on top of the coffee pot, next to the sink, on the arm of the couch, etc.  The necklaces tend to get tossed in a bathroom drawer when I'm getting ready for bed.  But here is the before & after--

Before--baskets of random jewelry.... and perfume (that's probably another heap)

And after-- (used my new Lia Sophia boxes to organize long necklaces, & chunky bracelets)

I love how it feels when something is newly organized!  Now if only I could keep it this way-- 

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