Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Get Our Scrap On!

Two weeks ago was my "big scrapbook weekend" as M has begun to lovingly call it.  Where "the black bag society" packs up tons of "supplies" into "totes" and heads of to scrapbook.  What started as a one time get-away, has become something of a tradition-- a girls crafty/ scrapbooking weekend that gets inked into the calendar a full year in advance.

I absolutely love that weekend.  It's two days of sorting & organizing pictures, cropping them, scrutinizing paper and page layouts, meticulously cutting out tiny embellishments, punching tiny brads into tinier holes, adding borders, mats, stickers, ribbons, and glitter to make a scrapbook page beautiful (in the owner's eyes anyway).  It's using vocabulary words that our husbands might not even know the meaning of.  Words like: brads, Xyron, tearing tool, self-healing mat, cartridge, sticky dots, grommets, Cricut and Silhouette are just a few. 

I love having individual time to work on C's 1st year scrapbook (of course it won't be finished by his 2nd birthday-- who do you think I am?) and our 2009 trip to Washington DC (not sure if that will ever be finished either).  And every November, I try to scrapbook the photos from the previous December (hey, better late than never, right?) But for me, it's more than the scrapbooking.

I love that I can look forward to one weekend with some awesome women.  Two of my favorite college friends are always there, and I always leave feeling like I connected with someone new.  This year, another gal and I burned the midnight oil by chatting until 3:00 am.  Now remember people, I have not willingly stayed up until 3:00 since WAY before C was born!  But it was so great to connect with such a neat person.  I love that while I miss C like crazy, he and I both know that we'll be okay for a weekend apart.  I love that my parents get some un-interrupted and un-chaperoned time with their grandson.  (I know things like ice cream before bed and donuts in the morning are happening and I love that too.) And I love that M gets to enjoy a little bachelor weekend at home where he can lounge around watching his DIY and gross man shows without my complaints, eat cereal for every meal, and leave the kitchen messy--before he completes several household projects and tidies the house up on Sunday.

This year I felt a twinge of guilt as I packed up for the weekend-- feeling like I should want to take a day off to hang out with C not my scrapbook friends. But as soon as I saw him dive into the toy boxes at his grandparents' house, I knew that this would be a fun & exciting weekend for him as well.  I'm hoping this tradition continues because it seems to be a favorite for everyone involved.

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