Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 in '12

Happy New Year!!  

So I can't really decide if I'm a "resolution-y" type of person or not.  Probably more on the "not" side-- can't you tell as I've already procrastinated 3 days in trying to come up with some resolutions? But I'm trying to reflect on 2011 and come up with some goals/ hopes/ resolutions/ whatever for 2012.  Here's what I have come up with.

2011 was a pretty dang good year for me.  I feel like I "came to" when it comes to parenting.  (I've morphed into the perfect mom with the perfect kid--you know how it goes). I know I don't have everything figured out in that department (and god knows I won't ever come close) but I do feel like I became much more patient, confident, and understanding as a parent.  I really started to enjoy being a mommy this year and I daydreamed about C heading off to college far fewer times than the year before. 

I also feel like things are really good with M and me.  Things weren't ever "bad" with us, but I don't think I ever fathomed how stressful a newborn could possibly be on a marriage.  It feels good to have "us" again. 

So I'm thinking about this year and I don't have a ton of resolutions.   
But I think I can get better at the following: 
1.  Staying calm  (Stupid $hit tends to freak me out.  Like the damn rainbow circle on the computer.  Seriously!!  Augh!)
2.  Play more music in the house  (The three of us LOVE singing-- I'd like to have more music and less TV on in our home)
3.  Give pats on the back....to the dog too  (she IS a part of this family, remember?)
4.  Give my husband attention.  (This will be very easy if he agrees to a monthly date night--wooing me at a restaurant like CU in W'loo)
5.  Find "healthy" toddler snacks-- or at least cut down on Teddy Grahams and marshmallows (which reminds me-- this afternoon we made "Banana Milk"-- a huge and yummy hit! How come I can't think of these things?!)

And now, here are my 12 things I'd like to do in 2012  
(in no particular order): 

1.  Scrapbook regularly -- I meet with some ladies once a month and it has become something I really look forward to.  Plus, even though I only get about two pages finished at those things, I hope that I might actually finish a book for C someday.

2.  Train for a race.  Ideally I'd like to do another sprint tri with a friend of mine, and run another half marathon.  (My last half marathon was 63 seconds over my 2 hour goal-- I MUST change that!!)

3.  Organize my iphoto library/ old photos.  Okay, this is super scary! But I really want to get my photos & videos off my computer and onto flash drives/ CD's to store.  But everytime I start, I get overwhelmed and quit. 

4.  Work on my children's book illustrations.  (Long story--I'll keep ya posted)

5.  Learn how to knit a Christmas stocking (Something like this).  Then knit said stocking.  Then post pictures of the stocking.  And take/post pictures of other previous knitting projects. 

6.  Help someone in need.  I'm not exactly sure what this will look like/ entail but I feel like I need to start giving back a little more.

7.  Take a vacation.  A real one.  With my husband and possibly some super awesome friends.  (you all are invited!)

8.  Learn how to use my dslr camera and Photoshop.  Thanks to a high school friend, I am going to do this on January 21st!!  Yay!

9.  Spruce up the guest bedroom.  In other words, make it look less like a big closet with an ironing board and more like a picture out of Pottery Barn.  Or somewhere in the middle. 

10.  Write more letters.  I LOVE mail-- so does everyone else, right?  So I'm hoping to write maybe once a month--just something short and sweet.

11.  Play weekly golf in the summer.  I have wanted to do this for years and it never happens-- but I'm really going to try this year!

12.  Take the 2012 goodreads reading challenge again!  Last year I surpassed my goal of reading 20 books-- hoping I can do that again this year. 

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  1. I love that I made you #2 and am going to hold you accountable for that sprint tri! :) loved all your resolutions and so many could be on my list too!