Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'll take waffles with a side of milk, please.

Yesterday morning when I dropped C off at daycare, he pulled off his (adorable) little hat, unzipped his jacket, then went over to the corner and picked up "his" booster seat.  He lugged it over to the "big chair" and started propping it up.  As he's doing this, he is placing his breakfast order--  "Arlie waffles?  Arlie waffles?"  "My milk?  My milk?"

I'm not sure why I was so amazed-- I mean, the kid climbs up into his chair at home, he brings me diapers when he needs to be changed and he throws garbage in the trash can--so it's not like he never does "big boy" tasks, but this tiny independent act just kind of startled me.  I'm starting to feel like time is slipping by just a little quicker than I would prefer.  Yet I LOVE these moments and cherish the changes. My baby is turning into a little boy right before my eyes-- and honestly, it. is. awesome.  Seeing his personality develop and watching him grow is the best.   I wouldn't keep him a baby for anything.... but someday I'll probably wish I had somehow managed to slow time down just a bit. 

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