Sunday, January 22, 2012

Note to self.....

.....don't try to make a pretty awesome thing more "awesome".  Just accept the awesomeness of the pretty awesome thing.

Take, pancakes for instance.

Yummy, delicious, pancakes.  Always made from scratch in our house.  A special treat on a Sunday morning when this mama actually has the time, patience, and energy (??) to make them.  Pretty awesome, right?

Except then I got this crazy idea that I would hike up the awesome-ness of these pancakes and add a few chocolate chips.  I mean really, who doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes?!?

Apparently, my kid.

See, here's the troubling thing with toddlers.  C loves pancakes.  C LOVES chocolate chips.  Being the self-proclaimed semi-intelligent person that I am, I figured.... he might like chocolate chips IN the pancakes.  Um..... not so much.  And SO much "not so much" that his whole world pretty much ended for roughly 20 minutes.  I haven't seen the kid scream like that since he was maybe 4 months old.  He broke out in a rash from the continuous screaming.  He appeared to almost be hyper-ventilating.  He was rambling something in toddler-speak that his dad and I couldn't even come close to deciphering.  He didn't want to be held, he didn't want to be put down either.  He didn't want me but he didn't want his dad.  Or any of his animals, his toys, or his food.  He was 100% inconsolable.

I think I was patient with him for about ten minutes, then it just became apparent that he needed to work this out on his own.  I clearly, was not going to be able to help him.  And obviously, he eventually calmed down, ate a plain pancake, then a second, drank his milk, (then exclaimed, "No Spilling!") and happily began playing with his toys.

But the lesson learned from this?  Well, I think I just need to be okay with a pretty awesome thing.  What do I need to prove by making that thing even better?  Nothing, for the moment.  Maybe when we're finished with these toddler years, then I'll go back to shooting for more awesome.

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