Monday, January 16, 2012

One of those days...

... that you just want pour into a bottle and save for later. 

I need to honestly admit that sometimes, I don't really get that excited about weekends.  Now, don't get me wrong-- I love weekends as much as anyone else, but weekends with a toddler are just a little more... predictable?  Basically, the things I used to love about weekends have completely gone away.  Sleeping in, slowly drinking coffee, staying in my pj's 'till noon, taking a long hot shower, possibly going to the mall/ Target/ Barnes & Noble, knitting, reading, grabbing a bite to eat, taking a nap, throwing in a movie (or two) and staying up late--only to sleep in again--- you get the picture!  These things don't happen when  you have a little one-- unless you maybe choose one or two and hire a babysitter.  Boo. 

And while I love playing with C, usually by the time weekend naptime comes, I'm exhausted.  I'm ready to nap but I never do because I don't want to sleep through my precious "me time"! 

Okay, so whatever, you get the picture.  But this weekend was SO just.... perfect?  Dare I say it?  Here's our recap:

Friday:  M & C home alone while I scrapbooked.  (I wasn't in the mood though so I just painted my nails and mostly jabbered.  Oh, and I ordered a fried tenderloin with tons of fries and dipped them in tons of Ranch.  And it was awesome.)

Saturday:  M worked, C & I played all morning.  We played in the snow-- C LOVED getting all dressed up.  Especially fond of his "big boots". 

C had fun when Daddy pulled him in the sled.... until he took a corner too fast and dumped him face first into the snow.  C is still talking about it.  "Daddy really fast!  In the snow! Arlie towel.  Cold.  Mama do it."  (I love the last part)

Nothing special that night-- lots of random singing though.   And an impromptu Skype session with the Spencer grands. 

Sunday:  Early morning donuts (how can a day go wrong when you start off with donuts?!)  Then sledding!  We had the hill to ourselves and the weather was gorgeous.  Took some super cute videos which I'll try to post later.  C had a BLAST.  I realized I am way way out of shape as I pulled that 32 pound sled up the hill a few times.  After nap, headed to the Phelps Youth Pavilion in W'loo.  C loved all the exhibits and was quite the ham up on the stage-- singing away under the lights.  He also enjoyed the mini golf course (all artist-themed). 
I found our footwear arranged near the door.  Mama, little boy, monster. 

Monday:  Day off!!  This is always a snow makeup day and we NEVER actually get it-- so this was a treat!  C woke up a bit cranky (is he going through something?  Who knows...) but was sidetracked with his mother's awesome scratch pancakes.  (Mama's favorite too) We played, danced, pulled out Jack LaLanne juicer (C loved the apple/grape/ clementine mixture), did laundry, and had friends over.  C napped, I knitted, Daddy came home, I headed off to Yoga (think I fell asleep again during meditation--oops), home in time for play/ bath/ brush teeth/ books/ books/ books/ a few more books/ bedtime. 

And now I'm sitting here just reflecting on how good it was.  Ah, it was sooooo good. I wish I could bottle this feeling.   And in a tiny way, I think these posts will do just that. 

Sleep tight everyone.  Looks like this guy is.  

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