Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yogi Karah

In the fall of 2005, I began practicing Yoga.  A grad student taught it through our "YMCA" which is housed in the High School.  I had tried to do Yoga in my living room but taking a class was really how I discovered Yoga. 

My teacher was amazing.  She had a great positive energy and really followed her students and their interest/ abilities well.  She took a group of people who had not really had much exposure to Yoga and gave them a taste of what it was and how beneficial it could be.  Basically, she got me hooked! 

I bought the necessary gear (comfy clothes and a mat!),  subscribed to online journals, and even bought a couple Yoga books.  At the time, I had a great little Yoga space to practice in our basement.  Although I wasn't advanced by any stretch of the imagination, I could see progress in my strength and flexibility.  And honestly, I just loved the relaxation and peace of mind that came with Yoga. 

But, eventually, my Yoga teacher moved away  (as most grad students tend to do) and nobody was certified to teach.  I actually took classes at UNI to become a Yoga teacher and earned a little certificate after the two weekend course.  (I have no idea where that is or what it actually allows me to "do")  However, I never really had the chance to teach a class-- and honestly, I'm not really sure that I would  have wanted that at the time. 

I continued to practice in our basement, but then our basement flooded and we had to tear out the floor and "dismantle" my little area.  Then I kind of started doing more strength conditioning rather than Yoga.  And before I knew it, years had passed since the last time I even stood in 'Mountain Pose'. 

So last night, I attended a Yoga class at our Y.  Although it was much different from the classes my previous teacher provided, I found myself easily moving through the poses and quieting my mind.  At first I found myself thinking, "This feels great! I remember this!" and "I'm not so rusty afterall!"  But after about 15 minutes and holding 'Chair Pose' for a few breaths, my muscles were starting shake and my breathing was picking up.  After 30 minutes I was sweating and having a hard time focusing.  My mind kept jumping around and I felt like I was constantly "scolding" it.  And when we did our guided meditation at the end, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep for a little while. 

But at the end, as we said our "Namaste" to our teacher, I knew I'd be back for more.  Not only did it feel good to stretch my body and (try to) quiet my mind, but it felt good to do something for myself again. 

And I also really want these pants..... and can justify buying them if I'm taking a class.  :)

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