Friday, February 3, 2012

Arizona Recap

I am terrible about forgetting the details.  Mason, on the other hand, is great about "keeping things in the vault" as he likes to say.  So, to assist my memory, I'm going to blog the Reader's Digest version of our Arizona trip.  I'm hoping this will come in as a handy reference guide when I'm ready to scrapbook this trip five years from now.  (Please, feel free to enjoy the photos and do not feel obligated to read the boring details.)

Wednesday, January 25
  *Flew from Cedar Rapids to Mesa, AZ.  Our flight out was delayed 2 hours because President Obama was actually flying into Cedar Rapids.  After we swallowed that news, we learned that he was also flying in to Mesa so our flight to Arizona was also delayed.  (What are the chances!?)

  *We killed time by checking in, then heading to Target and BK for lunch with plenty of time to spare.

  *Arrived in Mesa, picked up at the airport by Scotty, headed back to Kelly & Scotty's house, played with sweet little Turner, visited with Kelly's parents, ate pizza, then headed up to Scottsdale where we were staying.

  * Got situated at our "Arizona Home" and basically crashed!

Thursday, January 26
  *Ate a quick breakfast then headed to Target in Fountain Hills.  The lady at the checkout suggested we head to "the fountain" when we asked for a children's park-- so we did.  Little did we know it was such an amazing fountain!  C loved the fountain, ducks, and kicking his new ball all over the park.

Watching the fountain from the best view: Daddy's Shoulders

World Famous Fountain in Fountain Hills.  Fountain is approximately 330 feet!

 * Still had time to play at the park!

* Then headed home to set up the crib.  C had a great time "helping" his daddy put it together.

Daddy had the big drill, C had the little one. 

* Of course, there was no napping on the first day, so C & I thought it would be the perfect time to test the water!  (It was a tad chilly and pretty deep for this short mama but we still loved it)

Say "Ducky!" 

* Sara, Matt, and Vincent arrived!  We picked up their rental crib and ordered Chinese for dinner.  (YUM) We were exhausted that night!

Friday, January 27 
* ZOO DAY!!  We met Kelly & Turner at the zoo and had a blast.  The boys loved the monkeys, giraffes, zebras, ducks, warthogs, peacocks, camel, and elephant.  But I honestly think the favorite thing at the zoo was the lunch break and the big tunnel slide.  And they seemed to love the petting zoo with goats a lot too.  (we travel to Arizona a C gets super excited about a cow and goat.... ???)

Checking out the monkeys

Lunch break! (I need to work on focusing the camera more)

* C fell asleep on the way home from the zoo and took an awesome nap.  Vincent wasn't as sleepy and was very anxious for C to wake up.

"Wake up Charlie!" said Vincent

* That night we headed down the 101 to a cool little area to eat.  (Sara knew all the good spots) We had a good dinner and then C and I walked around the plaza.  A girl was playing live music and Charlie stole the show by dancing and clapping for almost ten minutes.  Of course, I didn't have any kind of camera on me-- but in a way I think that I'll better preserve the memory in my head.  It was probably one of the cutest things I've seen in my life.  (And I'm so objective about my own kid, right?)

* Although we were exhausted that night, I sat outside with the guys enjoying a fire and some vino.  It was super windy by Arizona standards but enjoying a little fire was one of my goals for the day so I wasn't going to let a little breeze ruin it!  

Saturday, January 28
* We started off the weekend with a quick Skype session to the Spencer grands.  It was cut short though because the guys were ready to take a dip in the pool and the moms had to be on camera patrol since it was so stinking cute.

Nothing better than a little Daddy pool time.  (Haven't things have changed since Jamaica?)
* Unfortunately, Mr. Vincent's ear was bothering him so Sara & Matt took him to Urgent Care only to learn that he had an infection.  The poor guy had to put up with ouchy ears the whole trip.  What a trooper. :(

* While the Flynns were seeking medical attention, Mason headed to Target to pick up a few essentials (like light weight socks for our sensitive little toddler who was bothered by the "grippyness" of the grippy socks) and C and I took advantage of the public library right across the street.  I know, how dorky to go on vacation and go to the library, but hey-- the kid is mine and he had a great time.

* That afternoon, our cherubs took a sweet nap and the mamas got a little down time.  We headed into Fountain hills for a little stroll and then stopped for a sweet little drink.  I swear that this was possibly the most delicious Sangria I have ever tasted in my life.  Berry flavored.  YUM.

* Later in the afternoon, Mason was able to get in contact with his cousin who lives in Arizona.  She and her family took a day trip to our area so we could meet-- how sweet is that?  We ended up meeting at Papago Park, which was a perfect little surprise.  C had a GREAT time and loved loved loved "climbing the big mountain".  It was pretty darn cute.  (Like everything, it seems.)

Looks like he'll be using ropes and clips and chalk next year......

But this gives you a better idea of what he accomplished-- he climbed up the area on the left and crawled over to me in the photo.  He we sooooo proud of his big accomplishment!

* Although it was our last night together, the four of us crashed almost as hard as the little guys did.  We were exhausted after another big day.

Sunday, January 29

* The weather was once again, beautiful, so we decided to check out the trails just North of Scott's house.  My cousin had mentioned that they were worth checking out--I only wish we hadn't waited until our last morning to do so.  We didn't know what to expect, so threw the little guys in the stroller and headed the few blocks to the trail head.  Once we got there, we hiked a short little path and checked out a bunch of "pricklies".   I wish we had brought a carrier for C, because I would have loved to see more of the trail.  However, our little hike gave me a quick fix and reaffirmed my need to "get out there" as much as I can.

This is one of my favorite trip photos.  Love love love our AZ vacation. :)

* The rest of our Sunday was spent packing up and trying to get things organized.  Flynn's left a bit before we did, and Kelly came to pick us up shortly after 5:00.  (We stayed with Pearsons to be closer to the airport for our early Monday flight) 

* Before saying our goodbyes, we all met at Oregano's for some delicious garlic bread, bruschetta, pizza, and of course... their famous pizza cookie.  (Charlie & Vincent had the most fun playing with their dough-ball before the food arrived)

* Sunday night, we stayed with the Pearsons. (I need to get Kelly's pics of our little cherubs) Turner was kind enough to let C sleep in his crib-- which he apparently thought was very nice.  As we settled in to sleep, we heard a huge boom-- like an explosion.  Of course, being the country mice that we are, we kind of figured it was just a "city life" noise.  Turns out it was a huge house explosion that destroyed two houses-- not too far away.  So, I guess you could say our vacation ended with a "bang".  (Bad joke, I know.)

Monday, January 30

*Scotty was kind enough to drop us off at the airport in Mesa.  Thankfully, I had flown out of there before and knew the line was loooooong and required getting there as early as possible.  M stood in line while C and I walked around the tiny airport for what seemed like hours.  After getting through security (M had to endure a pat-down thanks to the 4.2 oz. Elmo juiceboxes we were carrying along-- they do look mighty suspicious) we had just enough time to grab breakfast to eat on the plane.  Fortunately, we all sat next to each other-- and C had his own seat since the flight was not full.  In retrospect, we wish we had brought his carseat along-- as he was soooo tired and had could not fall asleep without it.  (Until we landed--then he fell asleep in my arms)  As a result, M & I put on quite the circus trying to keep him entertained and occupied.  I'm sure the people around us loved the songs, finger plays, peek-a-boo games, play-doh, markers, books, matchbox cars, slinky tossing, and animal sounds that went on endlessly for three hours. 

* As we landed, C fell asleep  in my arms.  He slept until M pulled the car up, and then chattered with us all the way home.  I think he was excited about our vacation as we were.  As we pulled into our driveway, C said, "Arlie's house! We're back!" and while I loved almost every second of our vacation, it felt good to be home.  But mark my words, the Spahn family will be visiting our beloved Arizona again in the future. 

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