Monday, March 5, 2012

Blowing Out the Candles. Again. And Again.

Wow, C's 2nd birthday was a week ago tomorrow!  What a WEEK.  Yep, we celebrated that little guy's birthday pretty much every day for a week.

It started on Monday night-- after baking cupcakes for daycare--  (he LOVES to help in the kitchen...perhaps he associates the beaters with good things?)

Then he "practiced" blowing out the candles and gobbling up his cupcake. Pretty good, eh?

Then the next night (Tuesday) was his actual birthday so he got to blow out the candles on his "real" birthday cake.

And he did such a good job that he begged for more.  (Note that the cake has been half eaten by this time)

The following days resulted in more requests of "blow out my candles?" "Happy Birthday to me?"  and of course, the whole blowing out the candles thing is just too cute for "new" parents so we willingly oblige.  Pretty soon, we were adding candles to banana bread and pizza.  (It was pretty hard to stick them in noodles though)

On Saturday, we headed to Dubuque to have C's big party.  We met everyone (my parents, M's mom, my sister & her daughter, and both of M's brothers and their kids) at the Mississippi River Museum.  I felt terrible that I hadn't really planned enough time to see everything -- and everyone wanted their Charlie time--but M tried to keep me calm.  (Note to self: Drink a liberal glass of wine before attending the next party I have planned.) I think people had a pretty good time!

Then we headed over to Happy Joe's Pizza.  If you are not familiar with Happy Joes, I am sad for you.  It is THE. BEST. PIZZA. EVER.  (I highly recommend their Taco Pizza and their BLT pizza.  Oh my yumminess.)  Because we ran out of time at the museum, we were able to head over to eat a little earlier.  This meant that M's brother and his family had time to join us (originally, they thought they would run out of time)--which was great to have everyone together!  Here is a glimpse of the craziness:

We had enough pizza for all 18 people, and then the perfect amount of cake for everyone as well.  C had another opportunity to blow out the candles but he first had to endure everyone singing to him.  He is so cute because he gets a little embarrassed by it.  I think this is perhaps my favorite pic of his party.  I love the look on his face and the way everyone is singing to him.  Priceless.

After leaving HJ's, we calmed down at M's brother's house for a few minutes, put the little ones in their jammies, and headed back home.  Amazingly, C slept pretty well that night-- we thought crazy dreams of fish, cousins, cake, pizza, presents, and candles might keep him awake.

We woke in the morning with enough time to play with Baby Nora, show her all of his new gifts, and do some reading.

Although it was a crazy weekend, it was crazy good.  Crazy busy, crazy overwhelming, crazy stimulating, but super crazy fun.  I love it.

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  1. Oh, I love that picture of C and N. SO SWEET. And the rest of the pics are great too. Looks like a fun time was had by all!