Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cooking With Charlie

So by now, it's no secret that C LOVES to help out in the kitchen.  Most times, I welcome the "help".  It's fun for me to teach him kitchen things and share time together.  But when I'm actually somewhat pressed for time and making dinner, having him underfoot is one of the more frustrating parts of my day.  (Which explains the nightly glass of wine.  Or two.)

As I was cleaning out my photos, I started coming across several pictures of his culinary skills.  Thought I'd better officially document them here. :)

Day 1: Noodles
Me: I'll put the noodles in a bowl and you can pour the sauce on them from this little cup.
C:  Okay.
Me: Then you can put some noodles on your plate.
C: Arlie do it.

Day 2: Sweet Potato Fries
Me: Dip the sweet potatoes in the buttermilk.
C: Arlie put the carrots in the milk?
Me:  They're not carrots.
C: Arlie eat the carrots?
Me:  They're sweet potatoes.  They just look like carrots.
C:  Arlie eat the carrots?
Me: Whatever. 

Day 3: Cupcakes and Birthday Cake
Me: You get to put a pink liner in every spot.
C: One....Do.....Free.....One.... Arlie taste?
Me:  No, it's Mama's turn.  I'm going to stir while you put the pink things in.
C: Um, no.  My turn.  Arlie taste.

Isn't he a good little helper?  Look for him on the food network in the future. :)

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  1. You'll really appreciate this one day! Brandon has always loved to help out in the kitchen. And now he is a great little chef at the young age of 11. He can pretty much make an entire dinner by himself while I just sit at the bar chatting with him (glass of wine in hand, of course!). He likes to watch all the cooking competitions on the food channels too. So, Charlie can join him on the Food Network one day! :)