Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Good Laugh

Last Thursday I came home from work and literally cried when my husband asked me how my day was.  It was  huge "professionally low" day for me.  I thought about writing about it, but honestly, putting negative thoughts about how nasty and horrible children are out into the cyber world seemed like not such a good move for a "Goody Guidance Counselor" like myself.

But the other day, my day was pretty good.  I dealt with the same basic schmuck from pretty much the same basic kids.  But then, I dealt with something new.  I've been a school counselor for (almost) ten years (gasp!) and have never addressed this particular....topic.

Drumroll please.......

Super powers.

Yep.  And more specifically... mind control.  Basically, a kid, in all honesty, needed to talk with me about his ability to control others with his mind.  This was a very serious subject for him-- one that has been plaguing him for two months.  While I'm a novice at dealing with this particular subject, I addressed it as best I could before sending him on his way--and making a mental note to let my former professors know they had missed covering something in the grad school curriculum.

And then I had to let out the chuckle that I had been stifling.  Maybe kids aren't so bad after all.

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh. How cute.

    YOU all must have super powers for wanting and being able to work with our children all day long every day.

    You are a super hero in my book!