Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fever!

I'm itching to write a blog post about our spring break, but I have spring fever sooooo badly that I just want to spend time outdoors, organize my entire life, and get skinny enough to fit into half of my shorts/ capris (apparently the Nachos / Girl Scout cookie diet did...um....actually affect me.  opps.  they were so yummy though.) (More about each of these things in future posts)

Last Tuesday C & I  met my mom in Pocahontas, where the three of us played at a park in the beautiful 70+ degree weather.  Then, I lovingly transferred my son to her care and they merrily drove off into the sunset as I drove 2 hours home.....

....And when I got home, M & I threw our suitcase, Maddy's food, some audio books, and 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies into the minivan, and drove 8 more hours to a little unincorporated town called Conover, WI.  It's definitely "Northwoods"-- it's about 15 miles North of Eagle River (the snow mobile capital of the WORLD) and about 15 miles South of the Michigan upper peninsula.  It makes Grundy Center look like a booming city.  And it---is----awesome.  

So anyway, we arrived at some crazy insane hour in the middle of the night.  M turned on the water, heat, and did other essential "housey" things while I stripped the bed of it's thin cotton sheets and threw on brand new amazing flannel sheets.  (Remember, this is supposed to be our little winter-snowed-in getaway/ retreat..... not SPRING break!)

We woke up in the morning, checked in with the grands and our little guy (who sounded like he was already soaking up all the attention one receives while at gma/gpa's house) and settled in to our "routine".  It usually goes something like this:

*  Wake up/ lay in bed/ read
*  Make coffee (With Baileys) or Bloody Mary's, pancakes, eggs
*  Let our Good Girl out, maybe take a little walk down the road (Bloody Mary or spiked coffee in hand)
*  Watch the Today show or one of a gazillion news worthy E! episodes
*  Eat a snack.  Like nachos.  Make another Bloody Mary.  YUM.
*  Maybe watch a movie or play a game.  (Like Yahtzee-- my favorite! Or Battleship-- M's favorite)
*  Eat lunch.  Maybe have a beer or vodka/ tonic with lunch.  Or margarita to go with the nachos.
*  Take an afternoon nap (sleep off the obvious buzz)
*  Do an activity like snowshoe, XC ski, or go for another walk.  (Feel very productive for actually seeing the sunshine! Yay!)
*  Maybe take a shower.  Or maybe decide to do that another time.
*  Walk around the cottage and look in all the rooms.  (I'm not sure why we always do this, but we always do.  It's kinda weird.)
*  Choose wine for supper.  Open wine and have 1st glass.  (M's uncle has a vineyard --click here!!-- and sometimes we try out some of his wines.  I mean, it would be rude not to, right?)
*  Make supper.  Usually involves heavy cream, butter, garlic, noodles, and crusty buttered bread.  YUM.  (Vodka Cream Pasta--recipe here!)
*  Build a fire / Watch a movie / Fall asleep on the couch / Wake up to embers burning, and sleep walk to bed.

But this year, things were different.  Here's why:

Yep, that thermometer on our deck says 68 degrees-- and it was only like, 9:00 AM!!  CRAZY! 
So rather than hole up inside, keep a steady buzz, eat junk food, and sleep all day (omg, that still sounds awesome!) we.... well,  went out!  (Super weird)

We got the essentials:
Okay, I'm thinking we look like lushes.  But we're not. 

We spent a ton of time outside.   I shopped downtown Eagle River.  Found a few things for me, and a few for C.
We found these (freaking adorable) rain boots that C obviously couldn't live without! 

I started a photography project. (I'm LOVING playing with our camera!)  Here's a sneak peak of my favorites:  (I'm making a "Northwoods Alphabet" poster to put up in our playroom--can you tell which letters they are?  What do you think?)

We also spent time inside (and felt guilty).  I (finally) finished the knit stocking pattern!  (yay!)  I started and finished a super cute (and fun) puzzle.

We drove home Saturday afternoon/ evening and picked up C on Sunday.  It was soooo good to see him and I'm convinced that he learned at least one hundred new words, grew five inches, and gained ten pounds while we were away.  While we loved our free time, I could hardly keep my hands off him when I finally saw him! 

This year our break was a little different than previous trips, but it was still amazing. It was nice to spend time as a couple and have some time to ourselves too. It's so good to relax and recharge a bit.   I do feel refreshed and ready to finish the school year.  I'm thrilled to be heading into spring with my two guys and four-legged girl.  All is well in Spahnville. 


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