Sunday, March 11, 2012

We're (almost) Off!

Spring Break is so close I can almost taste it!  And this year, it really feels like a spring break.  On Friday I saw three robins, yesterday the sun was streaming in through the windows, today we spent time at the park and tried to fly a kite, and almost 100% of our snow is GONE!  Yay!  Every year, it's as if we "emerge" or "wake up" when spring arrives. And this year, while it has been such a mild winter, I feel more eager for spring than ever before!  (That makes zero sense)

And in two days, C and I will pack up his necessities and head west to meet his grandma--who will lovingly drive him back to her house and proceed to love him to pieces for four days.  While there, he will most likely nap a little, go to bed late, eat donuts for breakfast and ice cream before bed, and maybe be lucky enough to go to a pancake breakfast or spaghetti supper.  He'll play with "vintage" toys (like Little People and Tinker Toys) and "ride" his great-grandmother's "walker".  If the weather is nice, he will romp around his grandparents' big backyard, explore new parks, and maybe even get to throw some rocks into a big pond. 

And while C is having his Spencer vacation, his parents will be enjoying the Wisconsin Northwoods at the Spahn family cottage.  I love explaining to people that the cottage has been part of M's family for almost 100 years.  (1928??)  I love that our little family of three is now a part of that history! And, I love taking advantage of this little get-away in the woods.  Hopefully, we will nap a lot, go to bed early, eat donuts for breakfast and drink wine before bed, and maybe be lucky enough to go to a dive bar or bowling ally for supper.  We'll play "vintage" games (like Battleship and Yahtzee) and take a drive around the lake.  If the weather is nice, we'll romp around the grounds of the cottage, explore some hiking trails, and maybe even get to strap on the snow shoes for a hike on the lake.

I have been so excited for this trip for so long that I'm a little nervous.  I feel like I've built it up so much in my head, and when the time flies by way too fast, I'm worried that I'll be so let down when it's over.  Things are going really well at home and work right now, but I just have spring fever sooooo bad!  I can't wait to get to the cottage and do all of our (guilty pleasure) cottage things.  Like: eat junk food, drink Bloody Mary's, eat rich and indulgent dinners, hang out in a bowling ally, sleep in, play games, do puzzles, knit, read-read-read some more, snack on Girl Scout cookies, take baths, watch movies, and ultimately... be lazy. 

When we return I will probably feel rejuvenated and energized (and probably really fat).  I'll be ready to cruise through the end of the school year with the energy and enthusiasm that I feel in August.  I'll be all set to clean out my closets, organize our basement, and refurbish some furniture.  I'll be ready to jump on the treadmill, start training for that triathlon, and dig out my summer clothes.  And if all that (possibly) doesn't happen, at least I'll probably have a book to finish and a puzzle to work on.  I just canNOT wait! 
Maddy also LOVES her cottage vacation!  (Wide open spaces, new sites and smells, lots of doggy treats, and no competing with a two year old for love and affection --what's not to love?) 

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