Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Beautiful Mess

Don't you love this photo? I do!

Here's Why:

1.  The windows are open-- and the sun is STREAMING in-- love it!

2.  The three big Rubbermaid tubs are for winter coats and winter clothes.  Two of them are currently filled with spring/summer clothing.  Having them out implies that it's time for the big closet switch-a-roo!  Which implies that the weather is finally warm enough to really weed out the warm clothing from my closet.

3.  Notice the toddler in the bottom left-hand corner?  Notice what he's doing?  Playing by himself!!  (one of the many things I love about 'rotating toys'-- he totally forgot about his "puter" and thinks it's awesome again.)

4.  A year ago, and two years ago, I would have waited to do this task (the closet switch-a-roo) until C was napping.  I always felt like I could only do "chore" type stuff when he was sleeping.  (I'm not really sure what we did when he was awake-- look at each other maybe? Perhaps that's why I'm not a "baby person".)  But being able to sort clothes while he played in the same room felt liberating.  (Okay, I do admit that most of this mess was created by his "play" but that's okay with me.)

5.  Cleaning out closets means I'm being productive. Yay me.  :)

6.  I'm getting so comfortable taking pics without flash.  Seriously can't even remember the last time I used flash inside.  (Thank you f-stop and shutterspeed!)

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  1. I can almost feel the fresh air coming in the windows looking at that photo-- lol! I love spring cleaning!