Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dandelion Bouquet

In my 34 years of life, I have been given plenty of "bouquets" of "flowers" that consist of dandelions and clover.  I've even had a few of these lovelies land on my desk and soak up water from an old yogurt container until the water itself looks like it could grow another type of weed.  And while I've always considered the gesture very sweet and endearing, I've never gotten a pang in my heart and a little lump in my throat like I did on Saturday night, when a sticky little hand reached up and handed me these:

(And let's not forget his words: Wowers.  For my mommy.  My mama like wowers.")

Why did this affect me?  Because although it was not my first dandelion bouquet, it was my first dandelion bouquet, given to me as MOM.  Wow.  People make such a big deal about missing and forgetting things like "first steps" and "first words"-- and go on about how important those milestones are.  But for me, those "big" things never phased me as much as these little toddler gestures do.  Every day, C is saying something or doing something that catches me off guard.  He's definitely becoming a little person.  His mind is forming his own ideas and I love it.  Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's crazy, sometimes he's silly, or serious, or sad.  Or sometimes he's just super annoying.  But I love it.

So many of my friends gush about the lost baby days and groan and bemoan the "terrible twos".  But how many babies hand you flowers?  How many babies hug you and say, "I make mama happy!"  I'm soaking up these terrible twos-- and l-o-v-i-n-g them.

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