Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012: Part 1

So if you read this blog, you know that you won't find any "He is Risen" references to Easter here.  In Spahnville, Easter is all about preparation for The Bunny.  And as a result, we had a really busy (gorgeous) week!  Here's the recap:

Tuesday: Made "nests" out of tissue paper.  C loved this activity and it actually held his attention for more than two seconds.  He loved ripping the paper, dipping it in the glue mixture, and sticking it to the bowl.  (Sorry, no pix though!)

Wednesday: Attempted playing outside with C's water table but a lovely wasp family kept hanging out with us so we had to run to Norby's for some wasp killer.  While there, we almost picked up one of these:
OMG, they had just gotten 100 little chicks and they were sooooo stinking cute!  C was infatuated with them and kept saying, "peep peep peep!" They were selling them for $2.99 each.  I knew we had an empty Rubbermaid at home that would be perfect for it and I was pretty sure M could hook me up with some wood shavings.  Add some food and water and maybe a light for heat and you've got a perfect chick house!  But fortunately, I had the forethought to consider the fact that the chick will likely not remain a chick forever and I really have no idea what to do with a chicken. And by the time I thought that through, C was on to the tractor isle anyway.  Maybe next year....

Okay, so Thursday I decided to do old-fashioned, nothing natural, Easter egg dyeing with C.  Of course we used vinegar because I personally, feel that the smell of vinegar should trigger memories of dyeing Easter eggs forever.  So I must start instilling this with my own child.  Unfortunately, he had zero interest in the dyeing.  He was, however, interested in his new discovery that the egg shell could peel off.  That is what he spent his time doing-- while I dyed the eggs.

I had the brilliant idea to host a little toddler egg-hunt on Friday night.  And what's a party without cake? And did you know that you can check out cake pans at many libraries?  So I checked out this egg shaped pan from the Aplington Public Library.  I had no idea how it was going to work so I bought two cake mixes just in case...  

Good thing I bought two cake mixes because this is how the first cake turned out.  Plus, I had no idea how long to bake such a wonky shaped cake.  I kept checking it and it was brown on top and gooey in the middle.  

But the 2nd time was much better!  I sprayed the *$#& out of the pan and let it bake for a full 45 minutes before even checking it.  It was still a little mushy so I gave it another 10 min and it ended up being perfect.  

Now on to the decorating.  Here is where you will really get to see my skills.  (ha!)  I was excited to use my fancy decorating tool that I found at the Target dollar spot about a year ago.  (Unfortunately, the tip I used wound up in the garbage disposal already. Dang it.)

Next comes the good ol' frosting part.  And some "embellishments" that were also found in the dollar spot.

And the final result! (It was pretty hard to make the sprinkles stick to the sides--duh, right?) 

The little egg cartons had prizes for the guests-- 3 plastic filled eggs, and some other little toys and snacks.  All choking hazards and probably totally not appropriate.

And then the guests arrived!  We ate cake, jelly beans, and ice cream before heading outside to find some eggs.  And did I mention?  The eggs glowed in the dark!!!  SUPER COOL!  

The eggs were found in a matter of minutes and then the real fun came after venturing to the back yard where everyone played on "Charlie's Park".  I think the kids would have played out there for another hour if we would have let them!  

When our final guest left, C and I sat outside and waved goodbye saying, "Thanks for coming!"  It was crazy, it was chaotic, it was fun, and a total success.  Maybe we've "sparked" a new Easter tradition?!?


  1. Adorable! I girl, you have some mad skills in the kitchen! I would not have been able to pull that off!

  2. Love this post:) sorry we missed the egg hunt.