Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter 2012: Part 2

It dawned on me that since I titled a previous post about Easter "Part 1", I should actually follow up with a post about "Part 2".  So here it is folks!

I need to preface this post with a little back story.  About a week or two before Easter, C suddenly became obsessed with bikes.  He had always been interested in them, but suddenly, he just couldn't get enough of them.  And, being that it is spring & people are out and about more, there tend to be many bikes for him to obsess over.  He noticed every bike in every driveway and then would talk about it all night long.  One morning, when M was at Target, he found a great deal on a little trike/bike combo.  We agreed via text messaging that yes, we definitely needed to talk to The Bunny about bringing this bike for C.

Fast forward to a couple days before Easter.  We were on one of our many nightly strolls through the neighborhood when C noticed a bike across the street.  We went to look at it but my rule is that he can't sit on or touch bikes if the owner isn't around.  So C kept walking around the bike and saying adorable things like, "Mine bike?" "Where my bike?" "Me like green bike" "Arlie get a bike?" and since I knew M was going to have  chat with The Bunny, I told him, "Well, maybe The Easter Bunny will bring you a bike?"  (Question mark at the end because I was trying to keep it sounding like it was just a possibility.)  Unfortunately, C heard, "The Easter Bunny is going to bring you a bike.  And he's going to bring it to you RIGHT NOW."

C's little ears perked up and he said, (and I quote) "Me go home right now!?  Bunny bring me bike?"  And he began literally jumping (as much as a two year old can jump) around and clapping his hands.   And as much as I tried, I couldn't get him to understand that The Bunny might bring him a bike.... in a few days.  He talked about that dang bunny bringing him a bike to everyone we saw---everywhere we went.

So..... when Easter morning finally rolled around and I went in to get him up, it didn't really surprise me that his first words were "Bunny bringed me my bike!?"

Good thing The Bunny came through!!

Testing out the new bike complete with an Elmo helmet.  We are loving the fact that the bike has the little handle thing in the back and two little "pegs" to rest little feet on if pedaling becomes too tiring.  

After a good amount of bike riding, C noticed the Easter basket.  He was most impressed with the marshmallow bunnies-- imagine that.  
You didn't think we would leave out our good girl did you?  I need to keep this photo handy--to remind me that she is such a trooper living in this crazy Spahn world.  Poor thing.  

So after looking through all the goods that The Bunny brought, C noticed that there were eggs hiding in the living room too!  He had a blast picking them up and putting them in his bucket-- and we, being first time parents, thought the whole ordeal was just freaking adorable.  

After the eggs were found and most of the jelly beans had been eaten, we headed out to Fox Ridge for Easter brunch.  This is probably the 5th or 6th year we have done this so it's become a tradition in many ways.  It was delicious as always but C was much more interested in this..... 


What a big boy, right?  

A little help from Papa and the cart actually moves.  Super---Crazy---Fun.  

M's mom met us for brunch then headed back to Grundy with us to check out the infamous Bike.  Although the wind was gusting a million miles per hour, C was adamant that it was "no windy" "it sunny."  So, we worked more on the pedaling concept.  

Papa's turn to help out!  We have the perfect little hill--gravity seemed to help those little pedals move a bit easier.

Then it was time for Easter family photos.  I think they turned out pretty well--I love our budding trees and phlox in the background.  Ahhhhh, spring!!

(I love that Maddy happens to be walking by in this one)

Candy + eggs + flowers + trees + grandparents + bunnies + brunch + sunshine + jelly beans + plastic grass + golf carts and of course + a new bike = A Happy Easter

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