Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Beauty of a Book Report

Okay, by now whoever reads this blog is probably tired of my posts about the treasures I’ve uncovered while organizing my life.  And for that, I apologize.  And then I encourage you to not read the rest of this post because it’s about another treasure I recently found.

I found this:

It’s my fourth grade Reading Journal.  Basically, our assignment was to keep track of the books we were reading, write a little about what was happening in the story, and then our [amazing, wonderful, one of my favorites ever] teacher would read them, make a comment or ask a question and hand them back to us.  Of course, I remember loving Reading Journal time.  I mean, a specific time devoted to writing about the books we were reading!?  Who wouldn’t love that?  (I don’t think I even realized this might be a horrible assignment for some kids)

I can remember many of the books that are documented in that journal, but of course, I’ve forgotten many too.   Which brings me to my next point:  I wish I had recorded all of the books I’ve read throughout the years.  How neat would that be to go back and see what I’ve read? 

A few entries about the book, "Charlotte's Web"

In 2008, I joined the free website:
I love goodreads because it allows me to not only keep track of the books I’ve read, rate them, and write a brief review of them, but it also allows me to categorize them, mark books I’d like to read, view what my friends are reading (although some of you don’t ever update and I wish you would!) and read reviews that others have written.  It also recommends books for me based on books that I have enjoyed.  I just LOVE this site!  There have been quite a few times where I have logged in to jog my memory about a book I read, an author I enjoyed, or find a recommendation for a friend.  And for this reason, I’m so glad I’ve been writing them down. (I think you can see my goodreads site here:

Call me crazy to willingly do little “book reports” when I’m a grownup and have nothing assigned to me.  But I have to admit, I’m kind of glad I’ve been writing down the books I’ve read for so many years.  It lets my inner school nerd have a good outlet and keeps my forgetful brain from forgetting all the amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) things I've read.    

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