Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Burn the Floor! (A review...sort of)

One of my new life goals is to see a live theater performance each year.  I should add these clarifications to that sentence:

*  A performance that does not take place in a school gym or auditorium
*  A performance that probably will not be featuring anyone that we are related to

So back in March, I bought tickets to "Burn the Floor".  It's subtitled, "Ballroom Reinvented" which is a pretty accurate description of what we saw a few weekends ago.  We had no idea what to expect so I was sweetly surprised by the musical, lyrical, and dance talent that we saw on stage.

The show consisted of 10 couples from various countries (Australia, Great Britain, Slovenia, Venezuela, UK, USA, Uruguay, South Africa, and Philippines) who were extremely well versed in dance.  Some were world champions, some had performed on Broadway, some were finalists on TV Reality shows, and some had been featured in the Olympics.  Accompanying the dancers live on stage were two percussionists (also very skilled and with many Broadway credits) and two vocalists (the male had played "Roger" in RENT-- stole my heart right there) who were an amazing addition to the show.

As the dancers opened the show dancing in the aisles, I was awestruck by their solid beautiful bodies.  I leaned over to M and whispered, "I need to start working out".  He made some comment about the pleather pants and fish net stockings.  I didn't really want to visualize myself in either of those things so I just stared at the bodies on stage.  I don't think I took my eyes away from the stage for the two hours we spent in the Great Hall.  The dances were classic, edgy, old, new, slow, fast, relaxing, and energizing.  They involved one couple or as many as 8 couples all dancing together on stage.  I've never been to a live dance show Professional Dance Show but am glad we took the gamble on this one.  (I totally danced my way through making supper that night--- kinda glad the blinds were down and no pleather pants were involved though)

If you have the chance to see this show, grab some tickets!  Just be careful-- you may come home all geared up to dance the night away.   Which may (or in my case: may not) be something your family will thank you for.

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