Friday, May 18, 2012

Hey Little Ant

It’s amazing how much of a time warp you live in when you share your life with a toddler.  For instance, the other evening, C & I took a walk around the block.  One block.  In that time, M mowed and weed wacked our yard.  Our entire yard.  And yes, our yard is small but the block is really not that big.  So what took us so long? 


Those little 6 legged creatures that are mysteriously captivating if you take the time to just sit and watch them. 

As we walked down the sidewalk, I pointed out some ants to Charlie.  He squatted down in that toddler squat that only sturdy, toddler legs can handle for more than one minute.  He inspected the ants.  He peered closer.  He tried to touch them.  We noticed they were moving something. 

“What moving mama?”

Upon further inspection, we realized that the [giant/huge] thing they were moving was a dead fly. 

“Where taking it?”

“Looks like they are trying to get it down the hole.”

Charlie squinted at the ant hill.  He bent down closer.  He tentatively reached out and touched the tiny ‘structure’. 

“What this?”  Charlie asked. 

“It’s an ant hill.”

“No, what this?” he repeated.

“Um….. I think it’s an ant hill?”

“No Mama!  What this!?  It mud? “

“Ahhhh,  those are tiny pieces of dirt.  The ants bring it back and put it in a pile.  They make an ant hill out of dirt.”

(This next part is the most amazing part to me.)

You could see C’s wheels just turning in his head.  His big blue eyes looked up to me and asked,

“Ants live there?”

“Yeah!  They live in there.  Down that hole.”

“It their house?”

“Yep!  It’s their house.  It’s made out of dirt.”

“Like this house?” (He points to the house we were  sitting in front of) “Like a people house?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”  (I think maybe I snatched him up and hugged and squeezed him because of this brilliant connection and assessment he had just made)  But C wasn’t finished with his interpretation of the activity happening at his feet. 

“Ants take big fly down hole?  To house? “

“Yep.  Looks that way.  It will be a tasty treat for the Queen.”

“Ants eat the BIG FLY!”


And for the rest of the walk we novice entomologists chattered about those little creatures and how they built a home out of dirt and then maneuvered that big fly down the tiny hole.   And how maybe now they will go and eat it up.  

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