Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Accidents

If there is one thing I've come to realize in my parenting journey, it's that the best games/ crafts/ activities tend to be the accidental ones.  Take for instance, the adorable painted pottery we made earlier this spring, when I turned my back while using acrylic paints.  Ended up being a fun craft and great way to clean out my pots in the shed!

Or, Charlie's current game, "Silly Game" (basically running from the front door to the island chairs with a bendy straw) which stemmed from my awesome idea to use a straw to blow a fabric sheet across the floor.  

Yesterday, another super fun (according to C) activity was born.  It all started with the library's summer reading program tally sheet.  (Does anyone else think it's a little crazy pathetic that they only require FIVE books per WEEK to get a prize?) I ran to the bathroom and left the pen & sheet on C's floor.  When I came back, he was happily poking holes in it and was sooooo excited about his discovery.

As the daughter of an Occupational Therapist, I knew this was a good fine motor skill to continue, but kind of figured the librarians would not like the holey tally sheet.  (They are way anal here)  So I grabbed some scratch paper for him to use, and found a couple golf tees (finally a use for the ones I find on our dresser all summer long!) The scratch paper had little smiley faces printed on it, and he began poking out the eye dots with his tees, and asked me to draw more smiley faces for him to poke out.
And yes, those are undies!  (And no, we are not "there" yet.) 
Then we both drew dots on the papers and poked them out.
THEN, we took it one brilliant step further and drew different colored dots, and raided our golf bags for different colored tees.  We poked each color dot with that color tee.

Charlie thought this was the best game ever.  And honestly, his mama thought it was pretty darn fun as well.  Thank goodness for happy accidents!

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