Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Sad Little Dresser

You know how you have something in your house that once belonged to someone else and it has some sentimental value and at one time it probably had some monetary value as well (but those days are most likely long gone) but now it's just hanging out in the basement?  And you keep telling yourself, "I need to redo that dresser/ cabinet/ chair/ etc.")

Well, meet our sad little dresser:

This sat in our basement for the past 9 years.  M once told me that it belonged to his brother and was in his bedroom as a baby.  It was adorable, with a little lamb on the end for a super sweet touch.  But it really had seen better days.  One of the drawers was moldy from water, the boards were split in the back, and some of the nails were starting to bend and poke through the wood.  However, that did not deter me-- I saw some potential for something useful in my newly remodeled craft room.  (Kudos to M and more about room that later!!) 

And after a little love and affection, here is what that sad little dresser has turned into.  Isn't it cute!?

AND, best of all, it's super functional.  Now, rather than having all of my yarn & knitting supplies cluttering up an entire bookshelf, they are all housed nicely in this (Happy) little dresser, in my happy little craft room! And even better is the fact that though they may not be housed so nicely (it's messy inside!)--- they are closed up so nobody (but me) has to know.  

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