Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Festivities!

It has become a tradition to head to Dubuque on July 3 to attend a party, watch the airshow, and of course watch the fireworks.  This year was no different and despite the crazy hot temperatures, we headed down to the river to enjoy the festivities.
This face of Charlie is his "Say Cheese!" face.  Not sure why he crinkles his nose like that but whatever.  
C was in party-heaven.  He ate about thirty pieces of summer sausage, half of a brownie, baked beans, a bomb pop, and about a zillion grapes.  (I had to completely throw our healthy eating plan out the window for that day and the next)  He absolutely loved the air show-- pointing out planes as they flew by and broke the sound barrier.  He also loved the parachuters that glided down minutes before the fireworks.  But the icing on the cake was definitely the fireworks.  He sat in his own little lawn chair and pointed out the colors after each big bang.  It was super cute (to us) as he said things like, "Oooh!  I like purple one!"  "Woah!  The green one was HUGE!"  "Mama like white ones!  I like purple ones!"  Shortly before the show ended, he began to lose interest and asked to go inside and play with the dogs.  We distracted him from the lure of the AC with some of my apple pie-- which worked until the show ended.  

The food was definitely a hit with our little guy. 
Oooh!  I like purple ones!
Oooh!  I like my glow sticks more than fireworks!
Happy 4th of July!! 
After the fireworks, there was a mass exodus from the river.  We waited in a line of cars to head back to M's brother's house.  Of course, we were in no hurry-- two blocks after pulling out of the driveway, our little guy was 100% asleep.  

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