Saturday, July 7, 2012

Meet Coney.

Meet Coney.  (It's Maddy with a cone.) 

Maddy has been sporting this cone for almost a month now.  And while I'd like to feel sorry for her, I just mostly want to shake her for being so... a'hem...stupid.  Here's the abridged scoop:

*Maddy scraped her paw over spring break.  It bled, then healed.

*She licked it.

*She licked it more.

*She kept licking it.

*We told her to stop it! And she kept licking.

*We told her to knock it off!

*She kept licking.

You get the idea, right?  This dog cannot hold her licker.  (ha! pun intended.)

Okay, so fast forward to May.  She had developed this little "hot spot" on her paw from all the licking.  Vet thought it might heal on it's own with antibiotics but nope, nothing's ever easy when it comes to dogs, right?  So, schedule surgery to remove the hot spot.  Surgery went great!  8 stitches, wear a cone if she licks.  Cone on for awhile, off most of the time.  NO licking! Yay!  Good dog!  Oh wait, what did you do when I was in the shower!?  Licked out three of your stitches!? You stupid dog!  Back to the vet.  8 staples.  She did good.  Good dog!  Cone on for a week.  Poor dog.  6 days later: What did you do outside!?  Ate ALL your staples out!?  Stupid dog! Back to the vet.  8 more staples.  Not much skin left.  She'll be okay.  Cone for one week.  7 days later, back to vet.  Staples removed.  Dry wrap on, instructed to do NO licking.  Wound is looking good!  Maybe we'll go for a walk in the morning!  What did you do when I was getting Charlie dressed!?  Ate off your bandage?  Licked your wound!  Stupid dog!  Cone is on again.  No walk for you.  Cone is on indefinitely.  Sorry pup.  Mama's had it.

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