Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rehab Addict

You know that tv show where the lady takes old homes and restores them to their "natural" beauty?  I'm starting to feel like her and I'm becoming a little worried because I feel slightly addicted to refurbishing/ upcycling/ re-doing/ spicing up/ etc. things (treasures) that I have found.  And you know what?  It all started with that red step stool!

A couple weeks ago, I was dropping off some things at Goodwill when I noticed two old school desks sitting right there-- clearly they had JUST bee dropped off.  They were in amazing shape and I asked if I could take one.  The guy helping me (I think he was secretly trying to impress me) told me sure, go ahead and take one.  But the gal doing the sorting (I think she was secretly trying to impress the guy) told me they had to ask a manager.  

Long story stort: I got this for $4.00!!

Can you believe it?  I was so excited to put it in "Charlie's School" downstairs.  But first, it needed a little TCL.  

Since I have some time in my morning to work on craftiness, I grabbed the sander and got to work.  The overall desk was in great condition, but some deliquant kid had decided to graffitte the back of the chair.  A giant star pattern thingy was literally carved into the back of the chair and some choice words were written in Sharpie on the seat (those sanded right off).  The giant star pattern, not so much.  I had to upgrade to some coarser sand paper and let my entire hand/wrist/elbow go numb from the sanding before that beautiful star pattern was a distant memory.  (Damn kids.  Why couldn't they just pass notes like I did in high school?  And where was the teacher when this defacement was taking place!?  Slacker!)  

Okay, so after the sanding portion, I decided to spice up the color with something retro yet fun and bright.  I chose a bright turquoise blue.  Unfortunately, Wal-Mart did not consult me when they ordered their spray paint so nothing remotely close to my wish color was available.  So, I went with orange instead.  (C currently LOVES the color orange.  He will probably hate it by the time I show him his new awesome orange desk.)  I was a little hesitant about the orange color and honestly, I'm not totally super thrilled with it, but I think it looks better than it did before.  (And our playroom is blue and maybe turquoise would be too much blue down there) Happy Learning little Charlie!  

This photo was taken with my phone so the orange looks a little muted. 

A little glimpse at "Charlie's School"

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