Thursday, July 5, 2012

Way to TRI!

Well, in case you missed the facebook post, I survived my sprint triathlon!!  And..... it was SUPER fun!  I have never competed  participated in a triathlon alongside someone else, and now I'm pretty sure I never want to do another one alone.  Aside from the swim (of course), Carrie & I were side by side the entire race.  And while I can't speak for her, I thought it was a total blast.  Here's the recap:

I arrived at the Emmetsburg lake around 6:20 am.  [For the record: I actually would have been there sooner but my fuel was.... low (M hates it when it starts to run on fumes---I hate it when I forget it's on fumes and allow him into the vehicle) and I thought I'd better throw a couple bucks in before heading over to E'burg.] The race started at 7:00 and Carrie had reserved a spot for my bike & gear on the last bike rack.

I hadn't had a chance to eat before leaving my parents' house, so I munched on two granola bars while we talked about warming up.  (I don't ever warm up.  I like to save up all my energy.  Or something like that.) We got all checked in, arms inked up, and tried on our new yellow swim caps.  Aren't they lovely?

This is one of my favorite photos from the race.  It was a gorgeous morning and the lake was perfect. 

Mindy was in town for a family gathering so she & Carrie's dad came out to cheer us on.  They were AMAZING and made the adventure so much fun.  [Note:  If you ever have the chance to cheer on someone participating in a race, it's okay to cheer for people you don't know too!  We like it!!  --Mindy knew this and after we rode past her on our bikes we heard her shout, "Good job green shirt!  Keep it up Yellow Shorts!"  It made me crack up!]

Okay, so back to the tri story.

The SWIM:  500 Meters.  Out and back.  Men first, women & relays three minutes later.
We ran into the water and eventually began swimming.  (I always try to walk as far as possible---until the water is almost chest deep) Once again, I attempted to swim the crawl stroke but dang it, I'm just a breast-stroker!  (I seem to get so disoriented doing the front crawl in open water-- but I think I just need some practice-- and I need to get better at non-alternate breathing.  I think that will help.) I found my rhythm pretty quickly and just swam nice & easy.  The water was perfect and since I hadn't trained too much for the run, I really wanted to conserve a lot of energy and enjoy the swim.

T1:  Mindy was cheering us on as we got out of the water.  ("Wa-hoo!  Go Karah!  Wooooo!" as she literally jumped around with her camera ready for the perfect photo op) I ran to my bike, rinsed off the sand, and slid my feet into my bike shoes.  Carrie was next to me within seconds and before we knew it we were off on the bike.


The BIKE:  12 Miles.  10 miles (due to road construction! Yippie!)  Out and Back.
We hopped on our bikes and headed North around the lake.  I glanced down at my Garmin and told Carrie we were cruising!  17 mph-- we might want to preserve a little energy for our run-- or our legs were going to totally bonk!  We hit the highway and found an easy rhythm.  The bike was my favorite part because Carrie & I got to chat the entire time.  I'm pretty sure that almost every minute of the ride was filled with conversation-- hopefully she didn't mind my incessant talking.  If she did, she hid it really well.  Our cheering squad met us on the highway and whooped and hollered for us.  (Well, Carrie's dad didn't really whoop it up-- but Mindy made up for him)   As we approached mile 5, we saw bikers ahead of us turning around.  We were confused because the turn was supposed to be at mile 6 but apparently there was road construction further North so the route was cut short.  We were so sad!  (We were not really that sad.) We headed back toward town-- and arrived at the transition area less than 40 minutes later.  (sweet!)

Mindy has some great photos of the bike ride but I haven't gotten them from her yet.  
When I do, I'll insert them here.  (hint hint)

T2:  Bike to Run.
My socks were soaked from the bike, but I slipped them into my shoes and was ready to run.

The RUN:  3.1 2.89 miles due to road construction again!  (Darn!)
Unfortunately, my legs felt like stumps and my bladder felt like a giant water balloon ready to pop.  (Sorry, that's a lot of info) The run is my least favorite part and I was really worried about it because I haven't done too much running in preparation for this race.  Carrie was wearing a watch that gave us our tempo which was helpful.  (I tend to go out too fast and then basically die.)  And while my legs felt like they were not attached correctly to my hips, I was so focused on not wetting my pants (I probably could have-- afterall, I was wearing a freaking spandax suit!) that I didn't notice much.  About half-way through our run, Mindy & Carrie's dad greeted us one more time-- this time with water bottles.  (Aren't they the BEST!?)  Mindy took some pictures as we headed toward the finish-- and before we were dead on our feet.  When the finish line was in sight, I told Carrie that we had to burn through the gas left in our tanks!  (Cheesy, but it's always my finish line mantra.) I grabbed her hand and we ran across the finish-- I think we were even smiling!  (Then I headed straight for the bathroom)

Carrie looks so good but I'm not sure why I'm looking down and my chest is all puffed out.
I think this must be what I look like when right before I wet my pants.  

Our #1 Cheerleader!  (I'm sure she loved being in the middle of our sweaty & stinky bodies! Yum. )

As I've mentioned before, I'm so thankful to my friend, Carrie, for encouraging me to do this with her!  I *think* she maybe doubted that I would follow through but I really did want to participate.  And now, thanks to her, I think I may have caught the race bug once again.  Anyone want to do one with me this fall?....  Anyone?..... Anyone?  

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