Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I just so sad..."

"Just so you know, C has not had a very good morning.  Tried many distractions and keeps crying for mommy.  Think a nap is in order asap today!"

This was the text on my phone late this morning from C's daycare provider.  Immediately after reading it, I couldn't decide whether or not I felt worse for my little two year old (who missed me), or his caretaker (because I know how exasperating that lovable two year old can be).  In the end, I think my heart went out to both of them.

I was pretty surprised to get that text because C woke up in a wonderful mood.  (He tends to take after his mother in the waking up department-- and I should admit that it's not my favorite thing to do-- so his mood is kind of a crap-shoot in the morning) The drop off went fine, and nothing really struck me as "uh-oh" when I headed to work.

Apparently, the kids at daycare had been looking through books.  (They are all really into reading books right now-- I have a whole blog post forming in my head explaining my excitement about that!)  Anyway, C was looking through a Pooh book and noticed that Pooh looked sad.  (Remember? Feelings identification?  Damn, it's for sure going to haunt me.)  He told his daycare gal,

"Pooh Bear sad."

She said that yes, he did kind of look sad.

And C said, "He sad because he miss his mommy."

And she said that no, he didn't miss his mommy.  He was looking for his friends.  (If you've read Pooh Bear books you know how stupid that bear is and can never find his friends or honey or anything right in front of him.)

But C replied with, "No, he miss his mommy.  He so sad. And I sad.  I miss my mommy too.  I just so sad.  I'm sad."  and that was it.  From there, he worked himself up into a full fledged melt down, claiming that he was just so sad.

He has done this before with me-- he has missed Binga and has tried to start quivering his lip and can literally make himself cry.  In a way, it's kind of impressive.  (He's gonna be a good little Thespian!)  The problem, as with most 2 year old type problems, is that he has no "off" switch.  He can't just real it back in and be done pretending.  There is no difference in pretending to be sad and becoming sad.  Sad is sad is sad.

So I'm not sure where we go from here-- but I'm hoping it's not as sad.

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