Friday, August 17, 2012

Where have you been, young lady?

m.  i.  a.   

Well, I know that the five of you who read this blog may have been wondering what happened to my ever so timely blog entries, and because I want you to keep checking up on my posts, I thought I'd better post an explanation.

Basically, I gave myself a time out.  Yep.  This summer, after blogging about our little weekend trip to Iowa City, I decided that I have a TON of things I want to accomplish this summer, and crazy as it sounds, every time I sit down with my computer in front of me, I end up being less than productive.  In fact, it's weird.  It's like my computer has magical time-lapsing abilities.  I'll cozy up with my laptop, glance at the clock, note the time (1:15--naptime!), check out facebook, check some blogs, follow a few links, then remember the five things I meant to google that day, re-check facebook to see if anything has happened in the last 10 seconds of my life, do some garage-saling via Craig's List, surf around for some cheap flights to oh, Hawaii or California or maybe Rio-- you know, just to "see" what they run, check my home e-mail (maybe Shutterfly sent me a coupon! Then I'd have to go to the sfly site and check that out for awhile) and if I'm feeling really motivated I'll check my school e-mail too.  Then I glance at the clock and am just absolutely shocked that it's almost 4:00!  What the hell?  And you guys, I'm serious.  I have a learning problem that involves my inability to learn how to stay away from the computer.  Damn internet.

So..... kinda like my "31 Days Facebook Free" time, I decided to avoid my computer during the day, and kind of forced myself to do something "productive" during C's naptime.  Since I usually write blogs during his nap, this meant no blogging.  (Now, I would like to admit that the word "productive" is used very loosely here.  So in the future, if you read something about oh, taking naps, or catching up on scrapbooking, I feel that I can completely defend those things as being productive.)

It feels good to be writing again-- and I'll be sure to bore you to tears in the near future with updates of the Spahnville summer, our fall plans, and yes-- my total denial and mixed feelings about school starting again.  Welcome Back!

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