Monday, September 10, 2012

Nice Tri

Remember how that friend of mine talked me into doing a sprint triathlon back in June?  And even though I thought I was going to die, I ended up having a blast!  So shortly after completing that triathlon, I signed up for another triathlon to be held on September 9th.

I had good intentions of really training for this event but am a little embarrassed to admit that I probably didn't train as much as I should have.  I did several bike rides and swam quite a bit (even practiced in the open water which helped a bunch!) but I never ran.  (bad move) I knew the adrenaline would carry me a little bit. 

So yesterday was my big day.  Since the race didn't start until 10:00, we had time to head down that morning.  M & C ended up coming with me, but asking a two year old to hang out in one spot for an undeterminable amount of time was a little too much.  So, while they saw me at the start and at the first transition, they didn't see me until after the finish. :(  I felt terrible!  But M swears that they had fun and enjoyed the gorgeous day.   

M was right, the weather was gorgeous-- one of those crystal clear blue sky days without a trace of clouds.  (When I worked at camp, we called those types of days "Top Ten Days" because there can't be more than ten of them a year)  But at 56 degrees, fall was definitely in the air and the water looked.... chilly  freezing! 

Setting up at transition

C was excited to "beep my horn!" ---all his idea. 
I'm so thankful I brought my wetsuit-- which I had never swam in before.  I went back & forth about wearing it, but finally decided I might as well give it a try!  And holy frijoles, I'm so glad I had it on because that-water-was-COLD.  When we began swimming, it took a moment for me to catch my breath and find my rhythm.  Not to mention that wearing a wetsuit makes you much more buoyant and I felt like I just bobbed along.  (It was kind of awesome actually) Of course, I happened to have a stupid goggle problem and ended up breast stroking the entire thing (dammit!) but whatever.  I still swam pretty quick and am really happy with it.  

Nothing says sexy like a skin tight wet suit!
Better check those goggles again girl!

I'm even happier that I was able to get my wetsuit off!  (That was actually my only reason for hesitating to wear it in the first place) The bike ride was described as "flat with rolling hills" which actually, was pretty accurate.  One of the things I love most about the bike ride is taking a look at the Iowa landscape through a much slower and closer lens than your car.  It suddenly turns from boring into actually beautiful.  I also love the atmosphere on the bike ride-- I rode with one girl for awhile and then leap-frogged around an older gentleman for awhile.  (They mark your age on your left calf so you can tell how old someone is when you're riding/ running behind them.  I like this!) This man with a big black "73" on his left calf cruised right past me on a hill.  We started joking around when I passed him going down the hill-- and he again passed me going back up another one.  I'm telling ya, you will meet great people doing this sort of thing!  

I finished the 15.5 mile bike ride in about 57 minutes and hit the street for the run.  I was sad to miss M & C, especially since I saw the stroller with their stuff and knew they were really close!  (In the bathroom-- dang potty training!) But they booked it over to the finish when they heard my name being announced.  

LOVE them

Although they didn't get to see me cross the finish line, knowing they were there made me so happy.  It's one thing to come cheer one someone at a race like this, it's a completely different challenge to bring a toddler with you!  And while I know C wasn't too thrilled with the whole experience, I hope he gets to witness more events like this in the future-- and maybe peak his interest in doing it someday.  Perhaps a little kid triathlon is in Spahnville's future?   

Can you read C's body language?
Like, "Who are you? Crazy stinky sweaty lady?" 

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