Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Rode in a Combine!!!

You can't live in the midwest and not have words like: Combine, harvest, bail, tractor, elevator, and big-rig creep into your vocabulary during the autumn months.  The farmers are out in full force these past few weeks/ days and C & I have spotted many a tractor on our little commute to and from daycare.  We talk about corn and beans and tractors and combines.  And with my very limited farm knowledge (despite living in Iowa my entire life), I try to explain the harvest process to him.  It became clear to me that I had miscommunicated something when he pointed to a (combine-less) bean field and said, "There some combines!"  When I tried to explain that a combine is a type of tractor, the idea was totally lost on him.

But the other night, we had the opportunity to go for a real life combine ride!  I can't even remember the last time I rode in a combine-- maybe when I was ten?  C was super excited and the ride definitely met his expectations.

5 things I learned during my combine ride:
* The combine we rode in cost about $250,000
* Although there is a steering wheel in the combine, it drives itself with the use of a little joystick that has GPS navigating the field.  Every little stream and hill is on that gps.
* The width of the combine head is 40 feet across!
(and did you know a semi truck trailer is usually 53'?)
* The beans are cut and funneled through the center of the combine and up into a bin (called a hopper) behind the cab.  (We saw grasshoppers mixed in with the beans!)
* The grain bin (hopper) holds 400 bushels of beans and when the bin is 3/4 full, it beeps.  (Then another tractor with a wagon comes to empty it--while this one is still combining.  Very efficient!)

And an extra little tidbit:
* Toddlers don't like all the "bean dust" that flies around when getting in/ out of the combine.
("It hurt mine eyes.")

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  1. Darling! I remember when the boys got to do this for the first time... it is a big deal!!