Monday, October 1, 2012

Here We Go

Did anyone happen to see September?  Because I'm pretty sure I blinked and it was over.  Now, September always seems to pass by quickly but seriously, I feel like it FLEW right past me this year!  Part of the reason was that we had something going on almost every weekend-- which was really fun but really made our time fly.  And, by the looks of the October calendar, I'll be writing about October zipping by just as quickly.

This past weekend, C was my little buddy as we packed adventure into our entire weekend.  On Saturday morning, he and I headed to Kindergym (oh my gosh, it has been SO much fun-- I'll have to write a post just about that in the near future) for 50 minutes of super fun times.  (Saturday was a farm theme-- and my kid is really into anything farm related right now so this was perfect.) After chasing C around a gym for 50 minutes, we headed to Target because--well, honestly, M's been doing the Target trips lately and I kinda just needed a little Target fix.  We only spent about 30 minutes there but I felt better after spending my obligatory $100+ at Target.  

Then we jumped in the minivan and headed over to Ames for my extended family's annual ISU tailgate party.  (I know, Cyclones Schmyclones, but it's still fun to see everyone and honestly, my ISU family members are pretty cool.) I have to say that having a tailgate as a sort of family reunion is pretty brilliant.  You're not confined to a hotel or building, kids can run and roam around, you can be loud, and there is never a shortage of food or drinks.  

Of course, the fall weather in Iowa is always questionable.  I've attended the tailgate in my winter coat and I've attended the tailgate in a tank top.  On Saturday, I should have worn a tank top.  (But I only have one ISU type shirt and that's the one I received from the Cy-Man Triathlon a few weeks ago--so I wore that.)  Although we were roasting, it was sunny and beautiful and we had a great spot to spread out at the tailgate.  

Apparently, we are very serious "bags game" people and each year, we have a pretty competitive bags game tournament.  A few years ago, it evolved into a bracketed tournament complete with a traveling trophy.  This year was no different and we had three different games to utilize (two for the grown up teams, and one for the kids).

C was pretty serious and his opponent (my cousin's sweet girl)
was such a good sport playing against him! 
We had a Bingo game! 
We also have Book Club (Tale-gating) where those of us who read books get to share a book we've recently read.
But I'm not convinced it was totally appropriate for my lil man.  
Looks like we should have had a talent contest too!
(My cousin's talented little guy)  
There also could have been a baby club-- I think we had four under 18 months there!  
I love this pic of my cousins & their little ones.
Time for a little game of catch. 

He's totally ready.
We had prizes (the hat) and awards! (Uncle John is about to award my Uncle Mike with a SPAM gift-- after his yearly tradition of making SPAM burgers.  No, I haven't ever tried one.) 
Charlie never has any fun with his grandpa. :) 

And while I claim to be more of a Hawkeye fan than Cyclone fan, I actually do look forward to attending this tailgate every year.  And one of these years, I'm going to talk M into coming with me.  (He happens to be at the Iowa game almost every year on this weekend.  Hmmmmm.....)  

Next weekend we're heading down to DM for the COLOR RUN (wooo hoo!) and to see some good friends of ours.  C & I are also hoping to get out to Illinois one last time before Sister and Baby N move back to Iowa. (yippie!)  And I *might* be able to do a little scrapbooking on another weekend before November sneaks up on us.  Crazy busy but I'm totally lovin' it.  :) 


  1. I love that there's BINGO! We are not Bomgaars...but would love to get in on this fun!

  2. Great pictures! It was good to see you. Only problem about tailgating is that you never get to talk to anyone for very long. I still have to thank you for the sleep book suggestion. Nati is a rockstar sleeper these days, and I credit you. :)

  3. Even I would attend that tailgate -- even though it is at the wrong school ;) Looks like a blast! Someone is seriously organized to pull all of that off! Your littl eman was so good last night!

  4. I cannot believe how big C has gotten!