Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photo Hoarding

There are a few things that I'm about 150% sure I'll never catch up on--no matter how many snow days or rainy days I have to catch up.  They include:

Grocery Shopping
Craft Projects
and Organizing my iphotos.

Now honestly, I'm okay with never catching up on almost that entire list.  Except one thing.  My completely disorganized and overflowing iphoto library has jut become something of a giant migraine headache to me.  The thought of cleaning it out gives me anxiety. To the average observer, it might actually look kind of normal-- what do you think?

Not too bad.  Bunches of folders on the left hand side, tons of pictures, just fine.  Except This:

Can you see that?  It's the part that says: "4,132 items in 98 events" that kind of really freaks me out.  I have no idea what to do with these dang pictures.  I am kind of petrified to actually delete them-- it's pretty much C's entire life in photos.  I have no idea why I'm scared to delete them-- they're all on Shutterfly and I've been trying to get them all on a flashdrive.  So why can't I just hit the "empty trash" button?

Of course, like everything in my life, I have to analyze this and turn it into a metaphor in my life.  Hanging on to those photos where they are accessible by the swipe of my fingertips across my mousepad is kind of safe.  (I can remind myself of C's baby days at any moment-- both the good and the bad)  But it also means there isn't much room for a ton of future pictures.  (Before deleting the 2,000+ photos in my trash, I kept getting messages saying iphoto was running low on space--was I sure I wanted to continue?) Keeping them in my iphoto kind of keeps me hanging on....

And it's weird because if I could just start fresh with a blank iphoto-- where I import, export to Shutterfly, save to flashdrive, and delete I think I'd feel so.... free and liberated!  But something stops me every time.  So please, if you know of any psychological help for something like this, I'm all ears.  I think I'm finally ready to move on.

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  1. I just looked at my iPhoto: 1,090 events and 13,441 items. Yikes! I'm WAY worse off than you!