Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Won the Lottery

(No, not really.  Sorry, no new cars or house payments gifted to our friends & family any time soon.  Just read on.)

A few weeks ago, M & I were watching CNN news stories online.  (He's a CNN junkie and is always up to date on current events.  I, on the other hand, am feeling pretty good just knowing it's an election year.)  Anyway, we were watching this story about the sewage conditions in India.  I found myself shaking my head and then literally crying as I watched the news story continue.  And later, I just couldn't shake the images of toddlers, teenagers, adults, and elderly people heading down to the train tracks to do their business.  (From what I understand, many people in India don't believe that having toilets in their homes is sanitary-- and it probably isn't as there really aren't many sewage treatment plants in the country-- so they would rather head down to the railroad tracks and leave their waste there.)

Then this morning, I was surfing facebook and skimmed over some info regarding a benefit for a toddler with brain cancer.  Her parents lived in our town before moving to Minnesota and while I didn't know them, I instantly felt connected to them.  They were living this small-town American dream just like us, and then their life turned upside down with this diagnosis.  Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on egg shells because our life is just.... too perfect.  Of course we have our normal daily hiccups and sometimes my lack of coping skills makes me reach for my glass of wine earlier than I like to admit.  But overall, life in Spahnville is pretty freaking amazing.  

So as I cleaned the bathrooms in our house, I just couldn't help but feel like I have it all.  I mean, my family and I live a pretty modest American life, and we have three bathrooms in our home.  Even our little town parks have bathroom facilities, and while I can't say they are always the most family- friendly or clean environments, at least the toilets flush (well, usually).  We have yards and flowers and clothing (not to mention a machines that washes and a machine that dries them), we have vehicles and beds and plenty of food.  We have schools and parks and maintained roads.  And here in the midwest, we have fields and fields of open spaces.  (And while I love the mountains, I just absolutely LOVE sunsets over a wide open corn field.)  But most importantly, at this exact moment in time, we have our health and each other.  And really, is there a better winning lottery ticket than that?

Clean water to play "baby alligator"

Maintained roads for family hikes

Swingsets for smiles!

And 'fields of opportunities'
(Do you love our backyard as much as we do?)


  1. I totally feel the same way! And that is the perspective of an optimist :) I am so thankful for everything we have down to toilets in our homes. I have seen documentaries about that before and it is heart wrenching!

    1. I know! I always wonder how I got to be so lucky just to have been born into my family. It's just mind boggling to me. :)