Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing Prompt #1

One of my favorite "interventions" (things) to do with students in my office is have them finish my sentences.  I always love to hear what kids say "without thinking".  And many times, kids will turn it around on me, and ask me to finish their sentences--- which is really kind of a nice little self exploration in the middle of my day.  (Being a counselor is fun!)

Okay, so anyway, I stumbled across this blog and decided to participate in some of the writing prompts.    My responses will likely bore you to death (or at least bore you to tears) so I'll try to label them clearly if you just want to skip these blog posts and only read the ones about my cute kid.  So here's the first prompt:

"Describe your childhood bedroom." 

Oh my.  WHICH childhood bedroom shall I describe?  As I think about this question, I realize that my mom switched things around a bit for us-- resulting in my having lived in two different bedrooms, with different colors, and sometimes with a roommate (my sister). And when I try to remember each individual room, the memory is a bit fuzzy.  So here is what I sort of remember:

When my sister and I shared a bright yellow bedroom, we had bunk beds pushed against the North wall.  I honestly don't remember anything else in the room, but I'm sure we had shelves and books and toys and definitely curtains.  Or more likely, a valance.  (My mom was always into making valances)

Eventually, my roommate moved across the hall and I occupied the yellow bedroom alone.  I remember I had a double bed with my great-grandmother's bedroom set.  The bedroom set consisted of a headboard, footboard, tall dresser, and vanity with bench. I loved that vanity-- especially the hinged 3 way mirror that assisted me in adoring myself in the mirror throughout middle school.  I loved having that huge bed to myself, and  I loved the white comforter with tiny pastel flowers.  (Did I have a matching valance? I can't remember!)

Shortly before I began middle school, my parents added on to their house, which resulted in another bedroom switch-a-roo.  Sister moved back into the yellow room (and painted it the pinkest pink you've ever seen) and I moved into my parent's previous room.  Because the year was around 1988 or '89, I chose my wall colors to be two-fold.  Two of them were mint green, the other two were peach.  It was the most awesome room you've ever seen.  (If Pinterest had been around back then, my bedroom would have been all over it) I had a comforter sporting green, peach, and purple "splash" marks that looked like you had just painted all over the bed spread.  I don't know where my mom found matching fabric, but I had a valance with the same splashy print.  I had a huge poster of Paula Abdul, and probably one of a kitty hanging from a tree with the expression "Hang in There" or a Shar Pei puppy with the quote, "The Wrinkled Look is In".  (I went through a long phase.)

At some point when I was in high school, I realized that the cheery green & peach bedroom was too cheery for a teenager in the midst of the the grunge movement.  So I changed my high school bedroom to a grey-blue (that was more light blue than anything) and accessorized with incense burners, candles, individual artwork, and photos of my awesome friends.  (And I think Sister's room changed from Pepto Pink to kind of a lavender color) I also remember having a comfy orange chair that once belonged in my Grandma Ruby's house, which was fabulous for watching Seinfeld on my tiny 13" tv that I received for Christmas my Sophomore year.

And while some people go off to college and return home on the weekends to the familiarity of their old rooms, I did not.  Instead, my room became a quarantine for our new little kittens, who had picked up fleas.  And in de-bugging the area, everything had to go.  Even the valance.

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  1. no tears here...huge crush on Paula Abdul when I was a kid! More writing prompts!