Monday, November 19, 2012

A Few Random Charlie-isms

When I tell people a quick something that my (becoming more adorable every day) little toddler says, I'm often told: "You should write these down!"  And, I do (sort of) keep a little notebook but honestly, not as much as I should.  In fact, I've been absolutely terrible about it lately.  
So I think I'll just jot a few down here.

Lost in thought:
"How am I going to walk around all day with these awesome new shoes that light up?"
(We had to watch out for the first day or so-- as he was constantly checking out his new treads) 

As I'm getting C into the van, I said:
Me: Up two three four!
C: Bootie on the floor!
Me: What did you say?
C: I say bootie on the floor!
Me: Who taught you that?
C: My daddy.  (Gives me the biggest grin in-the-entire-world)

As our whole family gets into the van:
C: Is Daddy coming?
Me: Yep!
C: Is Daddy driving?
Me: Yep.
C:  Because he 'da MAN!
(Me: furrowed brow and questionable eyes to my hubby)

At bedtime:
Me: Be careful when you lie your head down, I don't want you to bump it on the headboard.
C: No.  Then I be like the old whistle man.
(Note: C gets the songs "It's Raining It's Pouring" and "This Old Man" a little mixed up.  And he thinks "This Old Man" is sung, "Whis-tle Man")

Driving home from daycare:
Me: Well, we'll go home and take a nap in your big boy bed!
C: No, I take a nap at Binga's house.
Me: Oh really?
C: I like to sleep in Binga's bed.
Me: Really? When did you sleep in Binga's bed?
C: o'clock ago.  I sleep there free-four-five-six-seven-eleven times.

Charlie loves the color orange.  In fact, when we bought new sheets for his big boy bed, they had to be orange.  Why? If you ask him, he will tell you:
C: I like orange.  It my color.

On the same color subject.... while visiting the pumpkin patch:
M: Look at all the pumpkins!
C: Ooooh, I like this one! It orange! It my color!

Getting out of the van at music class:
Me: Let's get your jacket on. Look it has pockets!
C:  (with the saddest face ever) But I not a gangaroo.
Me: ??????
C:  Gangaroos have pouches, not boys.

C was offering T pretzels while we waited at the airport.  At the moment, T is using a lot of signs.  When C complained that T hadn't said "Thank You", I explained that T did in fact say "Thank You" but he did it with his hands.  I showed him how T says "Thank You" and asked C to request it again.
C:  Here's a pretzel.
(T takes the pretzel)
C.  Say Thank You.  On your shirt.

C is noticing letters everywhere and can point out a few (He knows "B" "O" "W" "A" and sometimes "C"-- brilliant, right?)  Anyway, he noticed the letters on the button of M's jeans.  (G-A-P)  So M pointed out that C's sweat pants also said G-A-P.
M said, "G-A-P  spells Gap.  Just like your pants.  G-A-P spells Gap on your pants."
And C sadly looked up at him and said,
"No, mine G-A-P say 'Charlie' not Gap."

Mornings are difficult for us. Well, they're difficult for me because I don't like to really interact with any other people until I have had a significant amount of "me" time.  And a cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, I can't really say, "Sorry Charlie.  I'm just not ready to deal with you right now.  Let's chat in an hour." I feel as though the Universe has given me an extremely inquisitive little toddler  just to have some morning entertainment.  And I've never craved a tiny shot of Baileys in my coffee so much as I do when C is particularly..... curious. 

With that being said, these next examples all stem from morning car conversations.
 The song "Hey Diddle Diddle" comes on.  (Just what every mother wants to hear at 7:10 in the morning)

C: Mom?
Me: Yes Charlie?
C: Why the dish ran away?
Me: I don't know. From the spoon?
C: But dishes don't run away.
Me: No, you're right.
C: If dishes runned away, we not have any food cuz they would take our food and run away and eat it all up all gone.
Me:  I guess that's true.
C: And cows not jump over moon....Cows have udders!

Another morning, we drove passed a skunk that had just recently met his untimely demise.  :( Without even thinking I said,
Me: Ew, that's a fresh skunk!
C: Where!?  Where a fresh skunk?
Me:  Oh, just back there.
C:  Back where?  I not see a skunk!  (He's craning his neck to see the skunk)
Me:  It was just on the road.  
C:  I didn't see it!
Me:  That's okay.  It's gone now.
C:  I want to see skunk on the road.  (Whining-- nearing tears)
Me:  Oh my GOD Charlie!  It's just a  dead skunk in the middle of the road!
C:  I want to see dead skunk!
Me:  It's in the grass.  You can't see it anymore.
C:  Why it go in the grass?  Why it dead?
Me:  (Silence)
...more silence....
C: Mommy, I smell somethin'

But perhaps my favorite example by far is this:
C & Daddy sitting on the couch. C farts.  A kind of loud and duck like sounding fart.
M: Did you fart?
C:  M-hmm.
(long pause)
C: Did you wanna smell it?

And that's my life folks.  That is my life.  (And I'm kinda falling in love with it.)