Monday, November 26, 2012

Live from Dubuque....'s Sesame Street!

Let's add this experience to the growing list of:
"Things I thought I'd never do with my kid that I just found myself doing"

In my pre-kid life, I remember seeing ads for "Sesame Street Live" and thinking, "Those parents are nuts!  Why in the H#!! would you spend $30 to take your whiny toddler to see a bunch of adult sized puppets?"  It sounded like complete misery to me in my non-mom world.  But, as I've mentioned hundreds of times before, the world sort of drastically changed when I became a parent.

So when Sister emailed and told me that SSL was going to be in Dubuque the day before Thanksgiving and would I like to go to the show with her and Miss N?  I eagerly said YES!  Suddenly it sounded so fun!  It sounded like an experience!  It was suddenly an opportunity! C might meet celebrities! It was going to somehow add to the value of our lives.  Or maybe none of these things but it was going to kill 90 minutes that we were going to be in Dubuque anyway so what the hell.

The four of us met in Dubuque and were able to go to the pre-show where C & N posed for pictures and saw some of the characters do a little preview.

**Note: C is currently not into being told what to do.  This is incredibly exasperating when we say, "Charlie, say cheese!" and he deliberately pouts, looks down, or looks away. --you'll notice a pattern in many of the pictures to come.  However, we took the dang pictures and although he looks grumpy, he was actually having a blast.  (So much for documenting the moment-- thus the necessary candid shots)

After a good amount of play time, we headed into the auditorium and munched on popcorn until the characters came out on stage.  The first 35 minutes of the show were amazing.  C and N (and their moms) were pretty entertained the entire time.

Then we had to endure a 15 minute intermission and 35 more minutes of the show.   Miss N was more interested in walking around and climbing on her mother than paying attention to the characters on stage.  Plus, she was a little confused and kept singing Barney songs instead of Sesame Street.

C was totally into the show.  And the popcorn.  But he was getting increasingly irritated with Miss N being held by me and taking my undivided attention away from him. And by the time the show ended, he was in full meltdown mode.  (Is there a 2 1/2 year old version of mild colic?  Because if so, I think we have it in Spahnville.  Lately, C has a pretty regularly scheduled cry session for about 30 minutes in the late afternoon.  It's weird because you'd think he'd be rested after his naps but this is not typically the case.  M & I are chalking it up to a growth spurt because he's not teething and that's the only other excuse we know of.) C cried for about 30 minutes until we ordered our pizza across the street.  He was momentarily cheered up when I let him order chocolate milk, but quickly tailspun back into meltdown mode when I wouldn't let him drink the whole thing.  (440 calories and over 50 grams of sugar!)  So he took off his shoes in the restaurant and for some reason that made him feel better.  (??)

We quickly ate and headed over to the mall where we  met my parents (who were heading to Sister's for the holiday).  It was nice to relax and play in a quiet area and let the grands spoil the littles for awhile.  When we met M later that night, all C could talk about was meeting Cookie Monster and how fun the show was.  And in that moment, watching my 2 1/2 year old's face light up as he relived his SSL experience, I got it.  I understood that the afternoon had been an experience-- and had actually been meaningful to my little guy at this moment in life.  And while C will probably not remember Cookie Monster, I'm not sure I'll ever forget that Cookie Monster induced smile.


  1. Karah-we took Syrie to SSL too, but went the day before! I take it you guys weren't scammed into buying the $10 Elmo balloon like we were:) Syrie loved it but was pretty upset she didn't get to hug any of the characters. We are going to Yo Gabba Gabba in January in Des Moines..that should be interesting.

  2. Haley, that's so funny about the balloon! We saw them come out and I thought it was quite clever that they didn't post how much the balloon cost. When we were leaving, I saw a lady give the guy a $10 bill and not get any change back but I couldn't believe they cost that much! So crazy!