Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Friend Cup Overfloweth

Awhile back, a brilliant person described three metaphorical "cups" in their life.

1. The Work Cup
2. The Friend Cup
3. The Family Cup

He explained that depending on the time of year, these 'cups' fluctuate with varying 'fullness'.  So at times when work was busy, booming, and prosperous, his "work cup" was filled.  But, all that busyness at work could mean less time at home, less time with his wife & kid, and ultimately result in a nearly empty "family cup".  Of course, this type of thinking is right up a counselor's alley so I immediately clung to it and started to realize when my cups were full or nearly empty.

For the most part, I think my work and family cups are pretty even keel.  Working half time allows me to keep my professional foot in the door, interact with (a few) adults, and feel like I'm out in the real world on a daily basis.  It also allows me to be home with my toddler in the afternoons and do Becky Home-Ecky things that keep me from going crazy.  My evenings are usually spent with a toddler, a husband, and a big slobbery dog and I'm pretty happy with all of that.

But honestly, my friend cup usually runs a little on the low side.  Of course, I have friends here in Tiny Town, USA--- but I'm not very good about spending good quality girl time with them.  Most of the friend interaction I have happens because we get our kids together-- so our quality time is usually spent wiping noses, kissing boo-boos, or helping two small people learn to share.  It isn't spent talking over old times, laughing until your cheeks hurt, and using way too many swear words & f-bombs for no apparent reason.

So to have the opportunity to see almost all of my BEST friends within a few weeks was simply amazing.(remember our sunny Arizona friends were just here last weekend, and only two weeks before that we got to spend the weekend with Sister and her little one.)  I'm going to recap all three of my little adventures but will start with this past weekend's scrapbook retreat because it's fresh in my mind.

Let's set the scene:

This old church was converted into a scrapbook/ crafter's retreat several years ago.  It sleeps 14 and has 14 individual tables for everyone to spread out in their own little space.  There are a lot of additional anmenties but I won't bore you with all the details.

Anyway, this little church is located in an even tinier town than Spahnville! Population: 300.  (But they do still have a post office that is open from 7-6:30.--And you wonder why the USPS is going broke.)

My college friend, Carrie, has been organizing this retreat for five years-- and it's always something that I make sure to have on my calendar for next year.  It's a great time to catch up with friends, eat good food, drink some good beverages, and yes, get a few pages scrapbooked.

(You can read about last year's retreat here, if you're super hard up for things to do today)

But this year, it ROCKED even more than normal because.....

This girl SURPRISED me there!!  To get the full effect of the surprise, you must first understand that this lady and I met at College A and did not like it there.  We survived the year until we could transfer to College B-- where we were roommates for a semester.  Then she moved off campus and into an apartment with the crazies that became some of my best friends.  She is in almost every college photo that I own, although sadly, I do not remember some of the photos having ever been taken.  Anyway, she and I road-tripped out to Colorado a zillion random times (remember the things you could do on weekends when gas was only .88 a gallon?) and after college she ended up moving out there-- where she lives today.  So to have a friend fly from Denver, CO to Itty-Bitty-Teeny-Tiny Town, MN was just quite...shocking!  I was just giddy with excitement for pretty much the whole weekend.  I kind of felt like I should just sit on her lap and soak her up-- but that might have made people feel weird so I tried to just enjoy her company from across the table.

Here we are!  The four college girlies reunited-- 
but missing Ms. Schwartz who has her hands full with two little boys at the moment.

So over the weekend, the four of us college buddies reminisced, laughed, ate, drank, and were very merry.  My friend cup was overflowing this weekend because it just felt so good to be surrounded by "girlfriends" who have so much history together.  It made me wish that the four of us lived in the same town--  not spread throughout the Midwest.  But, if we saw each other daily/weekly/monthly, would the time spent together be as sweet?  I'm not sure-- I just know this weekend was more than I ever could have hoped for!


  1. How fun!! The friend cup is so very important :)

  2. great piece...do you ever drop f-bombs in the church turned scrap booking heaven?